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ISOGEN Setup using the NEW "Control Panel"
(Breakout Session with David Myall)
See the "NEW" ISOGEN Control Panel which will replace iConfig and provide a much simpler why of setting up your ISO standards. Making modifications to your ISO output will now be just a few clicks away. Visual representations of all configuration switches will show you exactly what to expect when changing your settings even before you run your first ISO.

CADWorx E&I (Breakout Session with Nico Hoffman)
See the all NEW CADWorx E&I. This powerful program can meet all your electrical and instrumentation needs and help you to keep tight engineering schedules with confidence. See how it integrates with CADWorx P&ID and how you can "reuse" your hard work from P&ID to E&I.

Drawing Production using OrthoGen for CADWorx (Breakout Session with Joel Holmes)
Drawing Drawings Drawings. One of the main delieverables in any project are the drawings. With CADWorx you have the ability to quickly generate ISOs using ISOGEN. Now for the first time you have the abilty to generate Orthographic drawings just as fast and easy. Orthogen has been the standard program generating Orthographic drawings for PDS, and SmartPlant for years. Now we have this same functionality for CADWorx. Learn how easy it is to produce your first and last drawing set from your models.

The Power of Leica Cyclone and CADWorx fieldPipe (Breakout Session with Sonia Delgadillo)
Point Cloud data is becoming the standard way to capture as built details of any plant. With Leica Cyclone manipulating the vast amounts of data into a managable set is easier then ever. From this managable set of point cloud data you can now use CADWorx fieldPipe to build intelligent models and take full advantage of all the functionality in CADWorx Plant Professional to complete your design modifications in record time. See how quickly you can build pipelines with simple point selections. Learn how the intelligent pipe routing can cut your modeling time by a factor of TEN. Walk away with a clear plan to move forward with the tools you will see demonstrated. Whether you have a single pipe run to model or a complete plant you will clearly see the advantages of using CADWorx fieldPipe.

Creating Project Specifications using CADWorx Plant Professional (Breakout Session with Michael Conway)
Plant Design Solutions (PDS), Intergraph Global Network Partner, leverages decades of design experience to show the ins and outs of the all new CADWorx Catalog and Spec Editor. In this breakout session you will learn how the new catalog is structured and how this benefits you in adding new components and modifying existing ones. Learn how you can leverage complex project specs from SmartPlant Materials and quickly use them in your projects as well. Gain a full understanding of how to organize multiple catalogs to leverage the full power of CADWorx Plant Pro. Learn how the spec editor uses the power of the catalog to build complete project specs with ease and accuracy. See how you can easily manage complete project specifications from one location and with a simple interface.

True 3D Model Generation using CADWorx Plant Professional (Breakout Session with Lee Smith)
Learn how the new functionality of CADWorx Plant Pro will benefit you and your company as you become more productive and valuable. See how the new flexible rules inside of CADWorx will increase the accuracy of your designs. Using the new branch table will help you quickly produce the right piping configuration with confidence. Adding minimum and maximum pipe lengths to the model will help you control your materials and construction costs. With the new assembly builder you now have the ability to create standard assemblies to be used over and over again. Leave the conference with the tools needed to improve the productivity of your entire team.

Build Your Own CADWorx Specifications (Workshop with Carol McComb)
Leverage the power of the all new Catalog and Spec Editor. Learn how to save time building project Specs. Experience hands on the simplicity of building thousands of piping components using the Catalog Editor. Walk away with a complete understanding of how to remove the frustrations of managing multiple project specs by including them in a single project file. Learn how with a few selections you can create a complete branch table. Using this new branch table you can control the branch selections available to the designer on the project. Build your standard company project specs with ease and accuracy.

The Model Comes Alive in CADWorx Plant Professional (Workshop with Michael Smith)
Creating project models has never been easier then it is today with CADWorx Plant Pro. Experience hands on the new advanced power of CADWorx in this lab class. When the class has ended you will have confidence in using the new functionality to quickly and accurately create project models. Learn how to quickly route a complex pipe run as easy as drawing a 3D polyline in AUTOCAD. Build a complete piping system then see how easy it is to modify with Change Size and Change Spec. Moving a line or repositioning components is as easy as moving your mouse. Try it yourself and be amazed at how much time you save modifying your models. Leave the conference with confidence in your ability to build complex models and manage the changes needed on any project.

Advanced Modeling Techniques with CADWorx Plant Professional (Workshop with Werner Theron)
Building on the CADWorx Modeling LAB this course will give you an indepth experience building models with CADWorx. Work with the new functionality of CADWorx gaining confidence to be able to benefit your team back home. See indepth the different ways to route pipe and build a complete model. When you are finished with this LAB you will be ready to build any project using CADWorx. From Steel to Equipment and onto the Piping be confident in your abilities to model complex projects with ease. 

How to setup and create P&IDs for downstream success (Workshop with Tony Horn)
Just as databases have become part of our everyday lives, it also seems that the promise of intelligent P&IDs has been part of our conversation for at least a generation. Yet to this day intelligent P&IDs seem to mean little more than tagged blocks and the ability to output valve and instrument lists. During this session you will learn how easy it is to setup project databases to create truly intelligent P&IDs. You will discover how this intelligence allows you to run reports, link important project information, and attach design and engineering deliverables to P&ID components, for retrieval throughout the project and plant lifecycles.

CADWorx Specification, Best Practices (Workshop with Bill Vasey & John Brinlee)
ECE, an Intergraph Global Network Partner,  has spent hundreds of hours with the new Catalogs and Specifications and has developed some best practices to quickly prepare Piping Specifications that can be leveraged for production work.  From Long Descriptions, to different Manufactures, to Part Numbers, ECE has put together some strategies to address the needs and requirements of the user base.  Come join us for this Hands On Specification Workshop.  Be sure to bring your questions…

CADWorx Drivers of Success (Presenter: Sonia Delgadillo)
In this session Sonia Delgadillo will introduce this year’s Drivers of Success competition winner for CADWorx® as they share their successes in the use of the software.