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Keynote Speakers

Rick Allen

Rick Allen, president of Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions (ICAS) and Senior Vice President, Intergraph PPM.  Rick has a twenty-four year history of developing customer success within Intergraph PPM. In his previous roles Rick continually increased customer value by guiding clients through the business and regulatory needs of their markets so that they could better manage their operations and safeguard their infrastructures. Through his vision, he has been able to regularly bring innovative ideas to the table making them a reality. Rick has vast industry experience and holds a BS in Chemical Engineering, an MS in Petroleum Engineering and holds several patents in Enhanced Oil Recovery methods. Rick has been president of ICAS for two years and under his leadership has seen substantial growth in ICAS adoption, resulting in improved customer productivity.

Gerhard Sallinger
Gerhard Sallinger is responsible for the global strategic direction of the Intergraph Process, Power & Marine division and overall business development. Mr. Sallinger has been with Intergraph and its Process, Power & Marine division since 1985. Before becoming president, he was executive vice president responsible for worldwide sales, marketing and business development.
Before joining Intergraph, Mr. Sallinger owned an engineering firm specializing in the design of fire protection systems. He is a chemical engineer with more than 30 years of experience in the process industries.

Patrick Holcomb
Patrick is executive vice president of Business Development for Intergraph's PPM division, with responsibility for product marketing, product management, and division alliances. Patrick has a background in the process industry engineering, technology startups, IT strategy, and global software marketing. Prior to working at Intergraph, Patrick was founder and VP Business Development for Industria, securing $34M in initial capital for a procurement and materials management software startup in Silicon Valley. Prior to that, his experience at Accenture in San Francisco was in the arena of IT Strategy and corporate development. Patrick's first job, was with ExxonMobil where he held several roles including maintenance engineer, process engineer, and refinery coordinator. Patrick's education includes a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Washington University in St. Louis and an MBA from the University of Michigan.

CADWorx Instructors

David Myall
David Myall, managing director of Alias in the UK. Alias are part of the Intergraph family, a sister company to ICAS. They develop the Isogen software that is used in all Intergraph applications – including CADWorx and Caesar II -  for automated piping isometric drawings. David has over 30 years’ experience in the development and application of Engineering software, of which 20 years has been with Alias and Intergraph.

Sonia Delgadillo
Sonia Delgadillo is the senior applications specialist for the CADWorx Plant Design Suite, including CADWorx Plant and P&ID Professional, CADWorx Design Review and CADWorx fieldPipe. Sonia joined the Intergraph CADWorx and Analysis Solutions group in January 2009, and is responsible for product presentations, training and dealer and end-user support. Sonia has gained many years experience teaching designers, engineers, owner operators and EPC firms develop and implement best practices to improve their effectiveness.

Michael Conway
Mike Conway is a senior aplications engineer with Plant Design Solutions in Houston. He joined the Plant Design Solutions team in 2011, where he provides training, consulting and technical support. With over 30 years of experience in petro-chemical design and current Level IV Certified Piping Designer with the Society of Piping Engineers and Designers. Mike has worked for several of the major EPC’s in the Implementation and training of CADWorx.

Lee Smith
Lee Smith is a senior project designer for the Willbros Engineering and operates Smith Design/Drafting. Lee's responsibilities include coordinating teams for design projects in the gas processing, gas transmission, and refinery projects for clients and assisting in project management roles. With piping and structural design background, his major experience is in process skid design, unit layouts, and facility site layouts. A graduate of Oklahoma State University Tech, Lee has 34 plus years experience in the gas processing and transmission, oil refining, and chemical plant industries. Lee has gone from the drafting board to 3D CAD design, and from field construction to the corporate office, working with many of the leading companies of the industry. Lee has been married for 34 years and has two daughters, a son, and ten grandchildren.

Carol McComb
Carol McComb is a principal mechanical designer with an Ontario Skills Apprenticeship Certificate in Computer Aided Drafting and a SPED Ontario President. With over 20 years of experience using various 2D & 3D Cad programs and in the water treatment field, she has been a senior mechanical designer with Ecodyne Water in Burlington, Ontario since 1996. She is involved in the preparation of plot plans, piping layouts, spool details, skid frame and support drawings, bills of materials, purchase requisitions as well as assembly shop and field support and is actively involved in ongoing training and support of drafting personnel. She is an AutoCAD 2010 certified professional and a Professional Piping Designer Level IV. She successfully completed the advanced CADWorx certification exam and currently uses Caesar II as well as CADWorx Plant.

Werner Theron
Werner Theron is currently the CAD applications manager for Chempute Software, a position he has held since 2008, after he joined Chempute Software, ICAS Global Network Partner, in 2006. He graduated from the Academy of Advanced Design in 1998 as a multi-disciplinary designer before working for a large electronics / telecommunications firm and then later working for consulting engineers and then in the manufacturing industry. He has been using AutoCAD as a design tool since Version 13. His duties include sales, pre-sales demonstrations, technical support and also training and implementation of the CADWorx products. He also won first prize in the 2012 CADWorx & Analysis Solutions Knowledge Base Advisor contest for 30 CADWorx articles.

Niko Hoffman
Nico Hoffmann is senior application engineer for CADWorx E&I and for SmartPlant Electrical at Intergraph. Nico joined the Intergraph group in November 2009, since 2011 he is working in the product management team for SmartPlant Electrical. Before Nico joined the product management team he was responsible for product presentations, training and dealer and end-user support for CADWorx E&I. Before he joined Intergraph Nico started his career end of 2004 with CADWorx I&E, so he has 8 years’ experience teaching designers, engineers, owner operators and EPC firms develop AND implement best practices to improve their effectiveness.

John Brinlee
John Brinlee is director of business development at ECE Design, an Intergraph Global Network Partner for CADWorx and Analysis Solutions. John's primary responsibilities include Sales of the CADWorx and Analysis Software Platform along with the any associated services. Prior to joining ECE Design as a Partner, John was sales manager, Plant Design Solutions for Intergraph CADWorx and Analysis Solutions group from 11-1-1999 to 1-4-2010. A piping and structural designer by trade, his real-world experience in plant design is apparent during the hundreds of technical product presentations and training sessions he's performed around the world over the past 20 plus years.

Bill Vasey
Bill Vasey is president of ECE Design. He has a strong background in engineering, construction, commissioning, and maintenance of process plants in the Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology, Alternative Fuels and Chemical industries. Bill has over 25 years of experience, which includes product development, skid and module design/build, plant engineering, validation and commissioning. Bill is also involved with the development and implementation of engineering analysis, CAD technology and database applications, through which plant engineering, valication construction, and Integrity Management performance is improved. He holds a BS in mechanical engineering from Milwaukee School of Engineering (MSOE) and is active participant in both ASME BPE and ISPE.

Michael Smith
Michael recently joined Intergraph CAS with over 30 years’ experience in the process industries, covering multiple aspects of design, engineering and construction. He has also had experience working within the Autodesk channel. Recently, as director of virtual design and construction at Harder Mechanical Construction, he oversaw the implementation and use of engineering design tools such as CADWorx on a $4 billion US-based semiconductor plant. 

Joel Holmes
Joel Holmes, director of 3DS Net, Inc. (3DS), has more than 25 years of industry experience specializing in plant design, 3D modeling  implementation and project execution, and software development.  3DS was founded in 1996 and has continually developed innovative products such as OrthoGen and iOrthoGen which delivers the capability to quickly and easily create any type of location drawing from Intergraph CADWorx, PDS, and SmartPlant 3D models.  Its universal application has made OrthoGen and iOrthoGen favorites among companies worldwide. 


David Diehl
David Diehl graduated with a BSME from Lehigh University, Pensylvania, USA in 1976. Upon graduation he took a post as a Dynaflex technical support representative for Auton Computing in New York City. After four years David relocated to Houston, Texas providing mainframe-based piping system analysis services.  In 1986, he took a position at Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions (COADE, Inc.) introducing and selling CAESAR II, the worlds first PC-based pipe stress analysis package.While at ICAS Dave earned his professional engineering license, served as the CAESAR II product manager, is now the lead instructor for CAESAR II, and manages all training for ICAS. For the last ten years Dave has participated in the B31.3 Section Committee and is the former chair of the Design Task Group there. He also serves as a Director of SPED – the Society of Piping Engineers and Designers.

Tony Paulin
Tony Paulin has dedicated his life to creating and helping engineers apply the best and most advanced technology to the fields of piping and pressure vessel design and analysis. In 1991 he founded Paulin Research Group (PRG) to develop FEA-based software programs for use in the PV&P sector. Under Tony Paulin’s direction, PRG performs consulting, training, and physical lab testing to confirm both the software’s accuracy and usability.  He regularly presents papers and findings at industry seminars and conferences. Some of Mr. Paulin’s key accomplishments include:

•    Original Author of the Caesar II© Pipe Stress Analysis Program
•    Co-Author of the FE/Pipe™ & NozzlePRO™ Finite Element Analysis Programs
•    Co-Author of the new PCLGold™ Pipe Stress Program with applied FEA Technology
•    Co-Author of BOS Fluids Steady State and Transient Fluid Flow Simulator
•    Member of the B31 Mechanical Design Code Committee (1994 to Present)
•    Past Recipient of the South Texas ASME Herbert Allen Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement

Dan Edgar
As a principal engineer of Piping Solutions, Mr. Edgar is responsible for the organization, administration, and performance of all engineering service contracts. Mr. Edgar has been performing piping layout, expansion joint selection and design, outage planning and inspection, specification development and failure investigations for Pathway since 1979. His extensive experience in the inspection, analysis, design, installation and maintenance of process piping/ducting systems has lead him to be recognized as a leading authority, especially when dealing with rotating equipment. As the attached major projects list shows, Mr. Edgar has worked for most of the major refiners in the world. Mr. Edgar was the co-developer of the Caesar II pipe analysis expansion joint modeling system and is a frequent instructor at the Caesar II training seminars. He also developed Pathway’s engineering computer programs and computer aided design and drafting (CADD) system, served as product standardization engineer, senior sales engineer and design engineer.

Jim Wilcox
Jim Wilcox, p.Eng., is the president of CodeCAD Inc. Jim graduated from the University of Calgary in 1984 as a Mechanical Engineer. Starting with COADE in 1989 as an employee, he is now the president of CodeCAD Inc., the Canadian COADE Global Network Partner, based in Calgary, Canada. Jim has instructed COADE’s CAESAR II seminars around the world for the last 24 years, primarily in Canada.

Paul Bond
Paul Bond is a mechanical engineer with 16 years of experience in the piping engineering field. His area of expertise is in piping stress analysis, FEA, and pipelines. Paul was initially mentored at Colt Engineering for eight years by the late Jim Veitch. Since then Paul founded Pi Engineering which is currently 8 piping engineers. Pi has experience in many different aspects of the industry, but is 100% specialized in piping and pressure equipment.

Zack Swartz
Zachary Swartz is a piping and pipeline stress engineer for Pi Engineering located in Calgary, Alberta. Specializing in buried pipeline systems and stress analysis, Zachary has worked on many notable projects, participating in the design of facilities, compressor stations and pump stations. Pi Engineering believes in developing expertise through specialization, training, and mentorship thus continuously encouraging Zachary's professional growth.

Gaurav Bhende
Gaurav Bhende graduated from University of Mumbai in 2001 where he earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering. He started his career as a stress engineer for Jacobs Engineering and now works as a deputy chief engineer at Mott McDonald Pvt. Ltd. India where he is leading the stress group. While working, he is also currently earning his master’s degree in machine design from VJTI, Mumbai. Gaurav has total 12 years of experience in piping and pipelines static and dynamic stress analysis. He is also a winner of ‘Drivers of Success’ competition for year 2011 & 2012 in CAESAR II category. He is a member of ASME and Institute of Engineers, India.

Richard Ay
Richard Ay graduated with a BS in Ocean Engineering in 1977 and moved to Houston to work for a large E&C firm. In 1983 while working for an Offshore Consulting firm, Rich earned an MS in Civil Engineering. In 1985, Rich joined COADE. Since then Rich has spent his time working on the development of CAESAR II, TANK, the Licensing routines, QA and Technical Support procedures. Rich is now the Chief Technical Officer and oversees the development of the Engineering products at ICAS. Rich has his Professional Engineering license and is a member of ASCE and ASME.

Gary Trinker
Gary Trinker is a mechanical engineering graduate of Rutgers University. He has worked in the Victaulic Company's Engineering Department for over 27 years. Gary was Victaulic's Manager of Engineering Services for 17 years and is presently the company's senior engineer in supporting the Power Market and the Oil, Gas, and Chemical Market. Gary has numerous published articles and "White Papers" to his credit, including the subject of today's discussion "Modeling Victaulic Couplings in Piping System Stress Analysis Programs." He is also a member of both ASME B31.1 and ASME B31.3 General Requirement Subcommittees.

Michael Dowhopoluk
Michael Dowhopoluk is a partner and founder at PVP Engineering Ltd in Calgary, Canada. He has 15 years of piping engineering, pressure vessel, and hydraulic experience in upstream, downstream, and pipeline applications. Mike also has a strong background in finite element analysis, nonlinear analysis, and limit-states design;  prior to forming PVP, he was the Canadian regional head of Advanced Analysis for one of the major EPC's. Mike is also a member of APEGA, ASME, and is a registered Alberta P.Eng.

Niels Bos
Niels Bos is Partner at Dynaflow Research Group. He holds both a bachelor and a masters degree in Applied Physics from Delft University of Technology The Netherlands. Niels received his MBA cum laude from Columbia Business School, New York. He has extensive experience with surge analysis, static, dynamic analysis and FEM analysis performing various consulting projects for many clients from all over the world. Niels has given several training sessions and presentations over the years on different software packages such as FE/Pipe, CAESAR II, and BOSfluids.

PV Elite

Kristin Coyle
Kristin Coyle is a support engineer and developer for PV Elite. She graduated from Drexel University with a bachelor's degree in Materials Science and Engineering in 2010 and joined Intergraph's CADWorx and Analysis Solutions group in 2011. She specializes in fitness for service and materials applications.

Ray Delaforce
After leaving school, Ray was indentured as an apprentice working for British Oxygen Company in North London (UK).  He was released one day a week (and attended evening classes) where He pursued an engineering diploma, obtaining an HNC in mechanical engineering.   He then worked for the Ford Motor Company as a draughtsman in the truck division in Dagenham England. In 1965 He immigrated to South Africa where He worked for a pressure vessel inspection and certification company.  He was originally employed as an inspector, but they later also employed him as a vessel engineer.  In 1976, along with partners he formed another vessel inspection company (Avco Inspection CC). After a number of years, He ended up owning the business.  He was by then the chief engineer and QA manager.  In the year 2000 He came to America.  He secured employment as a vessel engineer with two companies; Freeport Welding and Fabricating Inc., and RC Technical in Stafford Texas.  In 2003, He gained employment with COADE Inc., to provide technical support in the PV Elite department. His duties include training in the use of our software both in the United States and abroad. He feels fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time in his life.  He considered himself very privileged to have met and had association with wonderful people all his life.

Scott Mayeux
Scott Mayeux is a mechanical engineer with 22 years of experience in the engineering and software development field. His area of expertise is in integration of ASME and other codes and standards into the PV Elite software. Over the years Scott also garnered experience in Pipe Stress analysis as well as knowledge in other standards such as WRC, TEMA, API and many others. At Intergraph, Scott is the director of development for Pressure Vessel and Exchanger solutions. For the last 12 years he has also served as an ASME Code committee member on the Sub Group Heat Transfer Equipment (SGHTE).

Luis Sanjuan
Luis graduated from the University of Texas Pan American and holds a BS in mechanical engineering. Luis joined Intergraph in August of 2008, and since then he has helped hundreds of PV Elite users, and their companies, become more efficient, by helping them improve their product knowledge and work processes. He is also responsible for the software development and technical support for PV Elite and CodeCalc.

Willy Lock
Willy Lock is a senior technology specialist and consultant at Paulin Research Group. He is a graduate of Northwestern University with a degree in mechanical engineering. Willy began his tenure at PRG in charge of the technical support group and quickly transitioned into a software development role. Willy is now deeply involved in the development of PRG’s PCLGold™ pipe stress analysis program, NozzlePRO™, FE/Pipe™ and other PRG software modules for finite element analysis. He also supervises and conducts, together with Tony Paulin, leak, fatigue, collapse and other tests to validate the results of the company’s FEA software tools.