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The CAESAR II Hanger Selection Algorithm (Breakout Session with David Diehl)
Spring support selection in CAESAR II is a well-used feature of the program.  Unfortunately, many engineers are unfamiliar with the many selection capabilities that are available in the program.  This session will review the CAESAR II algorithm for hanger selection, exercise the many design options, evaluate that selection and provide guidance on improving the selection.  CAESAR II doesn’t select the spring; you do.  Learn how you can do a better job.

Making C2 your Own (Workshop with David Diehl)
Many engineers use CAESAR II, as is, right out of the box.  But there are many seemingly minor adjustments that each user can make to the program environment to speed and simplify the input session, provide more content and organize input and results.  If you spend even a few hours developing piping models or evaluating results, these simple changes are well worth a review here with their benefits in time and comprehension.
Modeling Victaulic Couplings in CAESAR II
(Workshop with Gary Trinker)
Victaulic couplings provide a simple and safe means to join pipe.  This presentation will introduce Victaulic’s recommendations for modeling both rigid and flexible couplings in CAESAR II.  Load limits and allowed motion will be evaluated using several examples in this lab exercise.

Expansion Joints
(Breakout Session with Dan Edgar)
Expansion Joints, the weak link in a piping system – The vast majority of piping systems do not require an expansion joint but when dealing with large diameters, critical nozzle loads or rotating equipment they may provide the best solution.  Expansion joints bend, twist and move, all things we don’t want our piping system to do.  How do I select, model and specify an expansion joint to assure that there will be no problems?

Effect of Modeling Support using CII's Structure Module on Static and Seismic Analysis (Workshop with Gaurav Bhende)
The topic covers the basics of CII structure module, hand calculations showing consistency with CII results about structure deflection, how to modify site specific spectra for analysis, comparison of results with pipe model considering 'support as rigid' and 'support as structure'. Comparison between loads on supports due to static and dynamic analysis, factors affecting it etc.

ST LLC 07-02 Recommended Changes to Appendix D (Breakout Session with Tony Paulin)
Appendix D of the B31 codes offers stress intensification factors (SIFs) for common fittings in piping systems.  It has been known since 1987 that a number of these SIFs are incorrect and give incomplete guidance.  The omission of k-factors for branch connections in Appendix D is also a well-known source of potential error in piping system analysis.  ASME ST LLC 07-02 provides more applicable data to address these issues.  This session will explain how ST LLC 07-02 guidance can be used and when to expect large differences in analysis results.

Pump & Compressor Piping (Breakout Session with Paul Bond & Zack Swartz)
How to model pump and compressor piping,  being mindful of gaps,  friction, structural stiffness, support, preventing strain on pumps in reality,  not just on paper. Real examples of piping that did not work and examples of idealized layouts that work better.

Advanced Topics in Buried Analysis (Breakout Session with Mike Dowhopoluk)
Review of CAESAR II buried pipeline analysis with additional topics including; soil modeling, code requirements, failure modes, pressure elongation effects, and other topics as time permits.  Detailed hands-on examples will be reviewed and discussed.

Dynamic Analysis of Impulse Loading (Workshop with Jim Wilcox)
Slug, fluid hammer and other impulse-type loads can be analyzed three ways using CAESAR II.  Spectral Analysis, Time-History Analysis and Static equivalent methods will be reviewed and compared through 3 hands-on example problems.  This will include creation of Force-Time data in AFT-Impulse for import into CAESAR II.

CAESAR II Drivers of Success (Presenter: Mandeep Singh)
In this session Mandeep Singh will introduce this year’s Drivers of Success competition winner for CAESAR II® as they share their successes in the use of the software.