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CADWorx Spec Editor Pipe Supports
(Breakout Session with Mark Bross)
See the advantages of the new pipe support catalogs and specs in CADWorx Spec Editor. Gone are the days of handling multiple data files to manage your pipe supports. CADWorx Spec Editor will improve the management of all pipe supports in a single catalog file. Learn how to migrate, build, and edit your support libraries intuitively. See how easily the spec editor can be used to build complex pipe support assemblies. This session will provide in-depth knowledge of managing pipe supports using the CADWorx Spec Editor.

Building Part Numbers in CADWorx Spec Editor (Breakout Session with Carol McComb)
Acquire in-depth knowledge of building part numbers in CADWorx Spec Editor. Join us and learn how flexible CADWorx part numbers are and how they can be implemented. Gain insight into how you can reuse your existing CADWorx part number structure. During this session we will cover the flexibility and easy implementation of part numbers in CADWorx Spec Editor. If your company is interested in integrating a unique part number infrastructure for materials management then this session is for you.

The Power of Custom Fields in CADWorx Spec Editor (Breakout Session with Tyler Moore)
This session will teach you how to take full advantage of the extensibility of CADWorx using custom fields. Discover some common applications of custom fields and develop your own unique implementation using the CADWorx Spec Editor. You will learn multiple methods of applying the custom fields that suit your project needs. Appreciate the power and flexibility of the diverse ways you can take advantage of custom fields. Attending this session will give you the necessary knowledge to develop your own strategy using custom fields.

Leveraging Microsoft Access with CADWorx as a Front-end to Microsoft SQL Server Database (Breakout Session with Brian Shick)
Today, more and more companies are using or are planning to use Microsoft SQL Server as their database management system. Microsoft Access has been the standard database of choice for the majority of CADWorx users. As your company grows, how do you quickly leverage the knowledge and work you have developed in Access with a SQL database? Learn how to customize and use your existing queries, reports and forms to quickly extract the required data from SQL using Access. This session will give you the knowledge necessary to take full advantage of your time invested in Access while using the power of SQL.

Interfacing with CADWorx (Breakout Session with Michael Conaway)
Learn how to extend the power of CADWorx through the use of its many external interfaces. Experience the intuitive, bi-directional links between CADWorx, CAESAR II pipe stress, and PV Elite vessel analysis programs that allow designers and engineers to seamlessly collaborate during the project design stage. Likewise, you will discover the various other CADWorx interfaces to leverage other industry-standard formats. This session will teach you the benefits of such integration and how to successfully complete fast-paced projects while reusing your existing work and data.

GET Smart:- Educating Unintelligent Objects with CADWorx (Breakout Session with Casey Puyleart)
Although CADWorx has an extensive library of components from which to select sometimes you need to show something in your models that is not “off the shelf.” - In this session, you will learn how to build specification based user shapes required for any project. You will also learn how to turn any AutoCAD object into an intelligent CADWorx object using generic attach. Join us and see how to develop more accurate plant models by allowing you to create intelligent representations of your unintelligent objects.

CADWorx Plant Tips and Tricks (Breakout Session with Lee Smith)
CADWorx Plant is the tool used to help design structural and piping systems in the plant designer’s world. As with any tool, knowing how and when to use it is an important part of any good design. Sometimes you need to look at alternative ways to develop your models by using different techniques inside CADWorx. In this session, you will learn good design practices based on  industry standards and years of experience to enhance your productivity.

Leverage Design Optimizations and Processes with CADWorx 2015 (Breakout Session with Robert Wheat)
Yes it is true, regardless of the version, any type of piping project you desire can be modeled with CADWorx. CADWorx always has given you the ability to create quality intelligent plant design models quickly. In this session you will learn how to leverage legacy 2012 or prior design optimizations and design processes in CADWorx 2015. The changes in CADWorx not only greatly increase the program’s capabilities but also make it the easiest to use plant design solution on the market. Learn of strategies that assist in the implementation of model organization and external reference management. Join this session to learn how you can improve the execution of your project management and quality of your deliverable throughput. 

What’s new in CADWorx (Breakout Session with Sonia Delgadillo)
The latest version of CADWorx will be released soon. Be the first to see the latest development in CADWorx 2015. Discover what new capabilities and enhancements have been added since last year, how they can benefit you, and how you can take advantage of them today! The topics to be discussed include: AutoCAD 2015 compatibility, the new Enterprise Control Panel (EPC) for ISOGEN, new custom fields, and enhanced pipe routing capabilities (like routing mitered bends and - reduced tee insertion.) Other items on the agenda will be ISOGEN repeatability, Specification editor updates, and more robust piping rules. Attendees will also learn the latest on dynamic Pipe supports, CAESAR II 2013 compatibility, and improvements in isometric output.

Future of CADWorx (Breakout Session with Joe Dixon)
Intergraph constantly enhances CADWorx and will continue to do so. With everything CADWorx can do today, there is much more coming. See what we have in store for CADWorx for the coming year and beyond. We will show you the vision we have for the future.

Using AutoCAD to Maximize Your CADWorx Project's Success (Breakout Session with Greg Silva)
During this session, attendees will discover several hidden features available inside AutoCAD that will help increase productivity when dealing with large files. Some of the latest features in AutoCAD can save users a lot of time. This session will feature these gems and spotlight a few favorites from recent releases. Attendees will also learn how to tweak AutoCAD to work even better with CADWorx.

Using CADWorx, As-build Surveys, and Point Clouds for Maintenance, Repairs and Operations Projects (Breakout Session with Sonny DiLorenzo)
During this session we will share how easy it is to create as-built deliverables for a variety of maintenance, repairs and operations (MRO) projects. We will highlight that users, and their customers, do not need to sacrifice intelligent design, project integration and interoperability when doing small- to mid-sized projects. We will demonstrate how the links between Intergraph and Leica solutions can be fully leveraged to shorten the design and engineering process. As an example the following tasks will be covered: 3D modeling of target plant areas, constructability & interface definition, interference detection, dismantling and demolition planning plus design, fabrication and construction deliverables creation. Products covered:  Intergraph CADWorx Plant Professional, CADWorx fieldPipe Professional, CADWorx P&ID Professional, CAESAR II, PV Elite, PV Fabricator.

Case one: ECOFOX S.r.l. a Italian refinery company, located in Loc. Punta Penne, Vasto, Italy, is a leader in bio diesel production from renewable resources. ECOFOX decided to refine the glycerin produced their plant, for this they needed to modify their existing capabilities located within their existing Vasto facility.

Case two: Gelsia, a leader north Italy energy supplier in gas/electricity/thermal power, required the surveying and 3D modeling of their cogeneration power station and heating district substation in Seregno, Italy. For this case study we will highlight how 3D point clouds can be leveraged to create intelligent 3D models and coordinate physical data with intelligent P&ID databases and in-house data systems.

Who Knew Configuring ISOGEN Could Be Fun! See How Using New ISOGEN Configuration with CADWorx (Lab with Paul Martin)
The new ISOGEN Configuration simplifies the customization of piping isometric drawings and reports produced by ISOGEN. ISOGEN Configuration provides an intuitive, visual approach to setting isometric drawing style properties and provides easy access to ISOGEN's substantial array of controls and files. Graphically select the options you want and immediately see the impact that spontaneous style modifications have on drawing output using the built-in drawing previewer. ISOGEN Configuration de-mystifies ISOGEN and unlocks its powerful capabilities in a user-friendly way, making it easier for CADWorx users to set up their project deliverables, and do it faster! Join this session to see how this exciting addition to I-Configure makes configuring ISOGEN more fun!

Creating new and re-defining existing ISOGEN Symbol Keys (SKEYs) in CADWorx using Symbols Editor
(Lab with Matt Worland)

All components output on ISOGEN isometric drawings are defined by a unique code called a symbol key (SKEY). ISOGEN uses an in-built SKEY library to draw the various piping components on the isometric. Many of the symbols in the library can be changed or redefined, whereas others are fixed by the program and cannot. Every component in a CADWorx specification needs to have a default ISOGEN SKEY assigned. Sometimes you may want a different representation of the component on the final isometric. To do this, you can either redefine the library symbol if it can be changed, or you can create an entirely new symbol and substitute it for the default symbol. This session will teach you all you need to know about ISOGEN SKEYs. You’ll get hands-on with the latest Symbol Editor version, using it to create an entirely new SKEY, plus change an existing SKEY for a component. 

Enhanced Isometric Deliverables: Advanced ISOGEN capabilities in CADWorx projects (Lab with Werner Theron)
Starting with the basics of how ISOGEN works in CADWorx, this session will also cover some advanced capabilities of ISOGEN that CADWorx users can take advantage of to improve the quality and content of their isometric deliverables.

SmartPlant Interoperability: Delivering Intelligent CADWorx Models to Intergraph Smart 3D Projects (Lab with Paul Martin)
Joint venture projects typically involve a number of contractors. Projects primarily executed in Smart 3D, will still need to receive models - process units, design packages, skid units, etc. – produced by smaller contractors, designed in other systems and having different formats. Ultimately, all models need to be brought together into a single view to enable pipe routes to be completed, ties to be made, hook-ups at interfaces to be checked, and to generate final isometrics and bills of materials. Supporting this workflow, and ultimately providing a comprehensive model handover to the client, SmartPlant Interoperability, provided via SmartPlant Interop Publisher, enables Intergraph’s own and third-party model formats to be brought together in Smart 3D. In this session, you’ll step through the entire process to see how easy it is to introduce an intelligent CADWorx model into an existing Smart 3D environment.

As-Built Modeling using Point Clouds in CADWorx fieldPipe (Lab with Michael Conaway)
Point cloud data is becoming a standard way of capturing as-built details of a plant. With Leica Cyclone, manipulating the vast amounts of data into a manageable set is easier than ever. From this manageable set of point cloud data, you can now use CADWorx fieldPipe to build intelligent models and take full advantage of all the functionality in CADWorx Plant Professional to complete your design modifications in record time. See how quickly you can build pipelines with simple point selections. Learn how the intelligent pipe routing can cut your modeling time by a factor of 10. Walk away with a clear plan to move forward with the tools you will see demonstrated. Whether you have a single pipe run to model or a complete plant, you will clearly see the advantages of using CADWorx fieldPipe.

CADWorx Rules and Plant Setup (Lab with Matt Worland)
Take advantage of the piping rules and configuration settings available in CADWorx Plant. Learn how to leverage the power of rules based modeling to increase the accuracy and consistency of your projects. Gain in-depth knowledge of the configuration settings and how they impact your design. Leave the conference with hands on experience using both piping rules and configuration settings to increase the productivity and design quality of your entire team.

Drawing Production Using OrthoGEN (Lab with Marcus Holmes)
OrthoGen is a tried and tested product that has been on the market for several years and is now available for CADWorx. Using predefined OrthoGen styles, let us show you how you can generate drawings in just minutes that would normally take hours using traditional drawing production tools and techniques. Learn how to set up orthographic drawing styles and have your plans and elevations generated automatically with dimensions, line annotations, elevations and much more. If you generate plan and elevation drawings from your CADWorx models, join us to look at this highly automated approach with OrthoGEN.

CADWorx Advanced Pipe Modeling Techniques
(Lab with Werner Theron)

This course will give you an in-depth experience of building piping models with CADWorx Plant. Work with the advanced capabilities of CADWorx to boost confidence that benefits you and your team. Gain hands-on knowledge of the different ways to route pipe and build a complete model. Learn how the new intuitive pipe supports increase your efficiency in pipe routing. When you are finished with this session you will be ready to build any project using CADWorx.

Leveraging tools interfaces to create data in CADWorx E&I (Lab with Ron Williams)
This is an overview covering a workflow which begins by pushing data (loops and loop elements) from CADWorx P&ID into CADWorx E&I and leveraging that data to create instrument loop diagrams and electrical loop diagrams in CADWorx E&I. During the workflow, we’ll make some data changes and additions to the loop elements, which we’ll then push back into CADWorx P&ID. This show the bi-directionality of the interface between the tools.