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CAU2014 Express


Welcome to the CAU2014 Express events for CADWorx, CAESAR II, and PV Elite

CAU Express consists of in depth training sessions on CADWorx, CAESAR II, and PV Elite, all packed into a one-day, high-powered learning experience, that will not only leave you well informed, but will help you become a better plant designer and engineer.

Our CADWorx, CAESAR II, and PV Elite product experts will help you expand your technical knowledge and you can network and share your experience with others. Each event will be capped off with product focused Special Interest Groups (SIGs) and a networking reception.

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"It was a very fruitful day, I enjoyed it a lot. Must say, the presenters are top class and they know their product well."

"The course was very very helpful. I really enjoyed it. The presenter was very good in conveying the information across."

"We thoroughly enjoyed the day and found the material presented very useful."           
"At CAU you learn from the sessions and other users you meet things that you would never find in the user manuals.”

"The sheer amount of information that was available blew me away! The co-operation and good-will displayed between vendors, developers and end users sets an incredible example for the whole industry."

"Lots of Information Learned in a short time"

"CAU, the one event that you can learn about your tools, software, colleagues, and competitions in a friendly, relaxing atmosphere..."

"CAU2011 is not a dog and pony show, it's a hands-on down-to-earth to increase your productivity."

"This event always generates a buzz.  It was an informational power packed three days!  I highly recommend it."

"This is the one activity that old and new users can come together and learn something from each other."

"A responsible and sincere effort by Intergraph towards Global knowledge sharing......."