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Keynote Speakers

Rick Allen

Rick Allen, president of Intergraph CADWorx & Analysis Solutions (ICAS) and Senior Vice President, Intergraph PPM.  Rick has a twenty-four year history of developing customer success within Intergraph PPM. In his previous roles Rick continually increased customer value by guiding clients through the business and regulatory needs of their markets so that they could better manage their operations and safeguard their infrastructures. Through his vision, he has been able to regularly bring innovative ideas to the table making them a reality. Rick has vast industry experience and holds a BS in Chemical Engineering, an MS in Petroleum Engineering and holds several patents in Enhanced Oil Recovery methods. Rick has been president of ICAS for two years and under his leadership has seen substantial growth in ICAS adoption, resulting in improved customer productivity.

CADWorx Instructors

Carol McComb
Carol McComb is a principal mechanical designer with an Ontario Skills Apprenticeship Certificate in Computer Aided Drafting and a SPED Ontario President. With over 20 years of experience using various 2D & 3D Cad programs and in the water treatment field, she has been a senior mechanical designer with Ecodyne Water in Burlington, Ontario since 1996. She is involved in the preparation of plot plans, piping layouts, spool details, skid frame and support drawings, bills of materials, purchase requisitions as well as assembly shop and field support and is actively involved in ongoing training and support of drafting personnel. She is an AutoCAD 2010 certified professional and a Professional Piping Designer Level IV. She successfully completed the advanced CADWorx certification exam and currently uses Caesar II as well as CADWorx Plant.

Werner Theron
Werner Theron is currently the CAD applications manager for Chempute Software, a position he has held since 2008, after he joined Chempute Software, ICAS Global Network Partner, in 2006. He graduated from the Academy of Advanced Design in 1998 as a multi-disciplinary designer before working for a large electronics / telecommunications firm and then later working for consulting engineers and then in the manufacturing industry. He has been using AutoCAD as a design tool since Version 13. His duties include sales, pre-sales demonstrations, technical support and also training and implementation of the CADWorx products. He also won first prize in the 2012 CADWorx & Analysis Solutions Knowledge Base Advisor contest for 30 CADWorx articles.

Lee Smith
Lee Smith is a senior project designer for the Willbros Engineering and operates Smith Design/Drafting. Lee's responsibilities include coordinating teams for design projects in the gas processing, gas transmission, and refinery projects for clients and assisting in project management roles. With piping and structural design background, his major experience is in process skid design, unit layouts, and facility site layouts. A graduate of Oklahoma State University Tech, Lee has 34 plus years experience in the gas processing and transmission, oil refining, and chemical plant industries. Lee has gone from the drafting board to 3D CAD design, and from field construction to the corporate office, working with many of the leading companies of the industry. Lee has been married for 34 years and has two daughters, a son, and ten grandchildren.

Ron Williams
Ron Williams graduated from Texas A&M University in 1994 where he earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering. He began his career with Celanese chemical company where he worked as a project engineer over seeing Instrument and electrical projects. Later he worked for other companies gaining experience in maintenance engineering and eventually recognized as a senior instrument engineer. Mr. Williams joined Intergraph PPM in 2001 as a Senior Support Engineer working primarily with SmartPlant Instrumentation and SP Electrical.  He worked with customers in the areas of software database management, training, customization, and best practices. In 2009 he joined the PPM services group as a system consultant where he learned to work with SP Foundation, integrating SPI, SPEL, SPPID, and SP3D. In 2013 he joined Intergraph CADWorx and Analysis Solutions where he’s working with CADWorx E&I. He’s currently applying his 8 years of engineering experience, 12 years of working with Instrument and Electrical engineering design software, and knowledge of integration to help bring CADWorx E&I to the Americas region.

Joe Dixon
Joseph Dixon is the Product Manager for CADWorx. He joined Intergraph in 2007 and has continued to address the needs of the AutoCAD Plant Design market. He has been a piping designer and manager in the petrochemical industry since 1985. Joseph worked with CADWorx  as a designer and manager since 1998 and was instrumental in his companys roll out of 100 plus seats of CADWorx Plant and CADWorx P&ID. His present responsibilities as a Product Manager involve working with users, dealers, and the engineering group to enhance CADWorx to meet the market's needs.

Paul Martin
Paul Martin is a Technical Manager for Intergraph CADWorx and Analysis Solutions in Europe, and leads the European technical team in their delivery of training, consultancy and support services. Previously, Paul was Business Development Manager for CADWorx and Piping Solutions in Europe, the Middle East, India and Africa. Prior to joining Intergraph, Paul was both Product Manager and Customer Support Manager, at Alias Ltd, the vendor of ISOGEN. Paul has 22 years broad experience in the process, mechanical and engineering software industries, where his primary focus has been the application of plant and piping design software to improve work processes and solve engineering problems. He holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Aided Engineering (awarded 1993, Huddersfield University, United Kingdom).

Sonia Delgadillo
Sonia Delgadillo is a CADWorx Applications Specialist for the Intergraph CADWorx and Analysis (ICAS) team in Houston, Texas. Sonia joined the ICAS team in January 2009, and is primarily responsible for the Intergraph CADWorx products. Her focus is to help further the technical skills of plant designers and mechanical engineers in their use of design and analysis application systems. She started teaching designers, engineers, owner operators, and EPC firms in 2004 and enjoys empowering users to develop and implement best practices to improve their effectiveness.

Mark Bross
Mark brings over 41 years’ experience in the Process & Power business and a Pioneer in the PC based CAD design. He is currently the President of Kahuna Design LLC in Westminster, Colorado, and brings a wealth of experience starting with a Computer-Aided-Design business in 1985 and pioneering the engineering CAD business. He has worked for many of the major oil & gas companies helping to establish in-house design groups.  He has worked on major gas processing facilities such as 200 MCFD/day cryogenic plants, gas compression and large amine systems along with field gathering with different engineering companies. He was employed with Adev (Propipe) in the early 1990s and has consulted on other piping design software until switching over to the CADWorx plant design suite in the late 1990s.

Matt Worland
Matt Worland is currently a Senior Applications Engineer at ECE Design, where he helps others take their CADWorx projects to the next level. He has been customizing and programming in AutoCAD products since 1996. In 2006 he was looking for a new challenge and found the world of piping design. Starting out drafting P&ID’s using CADWorx P&ID Professional he quickly learned the power in customizing the symbols and database to fit industry needs. Soon after moving into the role of piping design Matt realized he could expand on CADWorx Plant Professional as well, by creating custom user shapes and entities to work with ISOGEN. While Matt enjoys working as a piping designer, he also enjoys helping others learn. He established Lunch and Learns for fellow employees, wrote a blog on tips and tricks and was an internal support person. That’s where he confirmed his passion for learning and helping others. Matt decided it was time for a change and started his new adventure working at ECE Design. When he’s not supporting, training, or customizing CADWorx, he enjoys mountain biking, rafting or hiking in the mountains with his wife, children and beloved dog.

Michael Conaway
Mike Conaway is the Industry Solutions Manager with Plant Design Solutions in Houston. He joined the Plant Design Solutions team in 2011, where he provides training and consulting. With over 30 years of experience in petro-chemical design and current Level IV Certified Piping Designer with the Society of Piping Engineers and Designers, and Member of The Board of Directors. Mike has worked for several of the major EPC’s in the Implementation and training of CADWorx.

Brian Shick
Brian Shick is a Senior Project and CADD Manager for Kinder Morgan with 26 years in the Petro/Chemical Refining and Natural Gas Pipeline business.  Brian began his career on the drafting board then transitioned through many CADD drafting applications AutoCAD, PDS, PDMS, and CADWorx just to name a few.  He is a Microsoft Certified Professional , with CompTIA IT & Network Technician certifications, currently managing several Engineering department applications across 4 major offices, and maintains all CADD license servers.  He has over 12 years of Microsoft Access experience and has created several corporate level applications used for project tracking and progress reporting utilizing ODBC connections attaching to other accounting server databases.

Casey Puyleart
Casey Puyleart is currently the CAD/BIM Manager for JH Kelly, a self-performing contractor in the Pacific Northwest serving a broad range of industries from industrial clients in petrochemical, power, pulp and paper, semiconductor, and bulk material handling to commercial clients in health care, education, and high-rise urban housing.  With a background in structural engineering from Milwaukee School of Engineering, Casey spent 15 years as a Project Engineer and Project Manager supporting a diverse range of construction projects for JH Kelly including process and mechanical piping, concrete, structural steel, electrical, machine erection, and specialty equipment installation.  He has been in his current position for a little over a year, managing and administering the roll-out of CADWorx Plant to a staff of 20 modelers and detailers while levering his field experience to support JH Kelly’s reputation for innovative pre-fabrication on every project, regardless of the industry.

Tyler Moore
Tyler Moore is a Senior Applications specialist for CodeCAD out of Calgary Alberta.  He has 18 years in the Oil and Gas industry and 13 years in EPC.  Tyler was formerly the Cad support manager at a large EPC in Calgary with experience setting up and managing many different software packages for use on all size projects including SP3D, Autoplant & Cadworx.   He has a vast knowledge of workflows, procedures and best practices for the different suites.  He currently supports trains and consults for CADworx out of the Calgary CodeCAD office for all aspects of the software.

Robert Wheat
Robert Wheat has been in design, engineering and construction since 1972.  He has held positions ranging from draftsman, chief designer to Vice President of commercial construction.  Work for many major fortune 500 companies - Exxon, Shell, Conoco, etc. Started using AutoCAD in 1985 and started developing AutoCAD based programs in 1989. Chief architect of CADWorx Plant design products for COADE, Inc.

Marcus Holmes
Marcus Holmes, of 3DS Net, Inc. (3DS), is a Programmer Analyst and has more than 13 years of plant  industry experience in software development, customer support, consulting and training.  His primary focus has been the development of OrthoGen’s User Interface as well as implementation and customer support of OrthoGen and iOrthoGen across all industries. 3DS was founded in 1996 and has continually developed innovative products such as OrthoGen and iOrthoGen which deliver the capability to quickly and easily create any type of location drawing from Intergraph CADWorx, PDS, and Smart 3D models.  Its universal application has made OrthoGen and iOrthoGen a standard among companies worldwide. 

Greg Silva
C Greg Silva is the Design Manager for Engineering Technology Inc. He has worked in the process piping field since 1984 and has been using or teaching CADWorx since 2000. Also he has been using, teaching and programming AutoCAD since 1989. He ran a local user group for more than 15 years and the last couple years CADWorx was added to the meeting agenda. When he is not working he is a state licensed wildlife rehabber and federal licensed to work with raptors. He also uses his passion of photography to help educate people on the local wildlife.

CAESAR II Instructors

Niels Bos
Niels Bos is Partner at Dynaflow Research Group. He holds both a bachelor and a masters degree in Applied Physics from Delft University of Technology The Netherlands. Niels received his MBA cum laude from Columbia Business School, New York. He has extensive experience with surge analysis, static, dynamic analysis and FEM analysis performing various consulting projects for many clients from all over the world. Niels has given several training sessions and presentations over the years on different software packages such as FE/Pipe, CAESAR II, and BOSfluids.

Tony Paulin
Tony Paulin has dedicated his life to creating and helping engineers apply the best and most advanced technology to the fields of piping and pressure vessel design and analysis. In 1991 he founded Paulin Research Group (PRG) to develop FEA-based software programs for use in the PV&P sector. Under Tony Paulin’s direction, PRG performs consulting, training, and physical lab testing to confirm both the software’s accuracy and usability.  He regularly presents papers and findings at industry seminars and conferences. Some of Mr. Paulin’s key accomplishments include: Original Author of the Caesar II© Pipe Stress Analysis Program; Co-Author of the FE/Pipe™ & NozzlePRO™ Finite Element Analysis Programs; Co-Author of the new PCLGold™ Pipe Stress Program with applied FEA Technology; Co-Author of BOS Fluids Steady State and Transient Fluid Flow Simulator; Member of the B31 Mechanical Design Code Committee (1994 to Present); Past Recipient of the South Texas ASME Herbert Allen Award for Outstanding Technical Achievement.

Dan Edgar
As a principal engineer of Piping Solutions, Mr. Edgar is responsible for the organization, administration, and performance of all engineering service contracts. Mr. Edgar has been performing piping layout, expansion joint selection and design, outage planning and inspection, specification development and failure investigations for Pathway since 1979. His extensive experience in the inspection, analysis, design, installation and maintenance of process piping/ducting systems has lead him to be recognized as a leading authority, especially when dealing with rotating equipment. As the attached major projects list shows, Mr. Edgar has worked for most of the major refiners in the world. Mr. Edgar was the co-developer of the Caesar II pipe analysis expansion joint modeling system and is a frequent instructor at the Caesar II training seminars. He also developed Pathway’s engineering computer programs and computer aided design and drafting (CADD) system, served as product standardization engineer, senior sales engineer and design engineer.

Ken Atkins
Kenneth E. Atkins is a Senior Staff Engineer with Engineering Dynamics Incorporated, in san Antonio, Texas. He has extensive experience in the design and troubleshooting of a variety of mechanical systems involving reviprocating machinery, structural, and piping vibration problems. Mr. Atkins was a Research Engineer with Southwest Research Institute (1978 to 1981) and a Machninery Engineer with Exxon Chemical Americas (1981 to 1982). In 1982, he cofounded Engineering Dynamics Incorporated. He has authored several technical papers in the areas of reciprocating machinery, piping, and structural dynamics. He has lectured frequently at the Texas A&M Turbomachinery and Pump Symposium with both tutorials and short courses. Mr. Atkins received a B.S. degree (Engineering Science, 1978) from Trinity University. He is a member of ASME and a force member for pulsation and vibration control for API Standards 618, 674 and RP 688. He is also a member of the ASME OM-S/G Commitee on Operation and Maintenance of Nuclear Power Plants (Piping Systems Subgroup).

Tony Horn
Anthony Horn is the owner and creator of PipingDesignOnline.com, the largest CADWorx training organization in the world.  PipingDesignOnline.com, launched in 2011, contains over 300 specialized CAD training videos, and has served over 1500 subscribers in more than 45 countries.   In 2008 he authored the Intergraph video training DVD titled Mastering CADWorx Plant Professional Software which became the industry standard for CADWorx training.  His private school, the Horn Drafting & CAD Center has trained over 3500 CAD operators and pipe drafters for Houston industries since 1968.  He holds degrees in both engineering and architecture, and was a contributing author to The CAD/CAM Handbook (McGraw Hill, 1985) and Pipe Drafting and Design (Gulf Publishing, 1996).  In 2012 he published Mastering CADWorx Plant Professional Software, available from Amazon.com.

Nigel Marsh

Nigel Marsh is a Piping Enigneer with 25 years of experience working predominantly in offshore oil and gas. He graduated with a Bachelor of Engineering degree from the University of Canterbury NZ. He has spent the majority of his career working for engineering consultancies on large design projects in Australia, Asia and the Middle East. Nigel has had extensive experience using Caesar II software throughout his career. Nigel recently returned to New Zealand, and is currently operating in a technical capacity as an independent consultant working remotely for clients worldwide, within the oil and gas industry.

Perwez Shaikh
Perwez Shaikh is a licensed professional engineer with over thirty years of experience in the fields of pipe stress analysis, project management, and manufacturing of pipe support products, field engineering and analysis and design of engineering facilities. He has over fifteen years of management experience in managing multi-million dollar pipe stress and pipe support projects for several fossil power, petrochemical, and nuclear power plants. Perwez has extensive experience using CAESAR II software throughout his career. In his career he has developed piping procedures, tools and processes in order to assure consistency in design, meet quality requirements, reduce engineering man hours, reduce fabrication and erection costs and schedules, and deliver pipe supports prior to pipe arrival at the jobsite. At the same time he has improved interfaces with the equipment suppliers in acquiring speedy approvals and reduced fabrication durations from pipe support vendors. All these process improvements have contributed to successful execution of the design of the projects apart from bringing huge savings to the construction costs.

PV Elite Instructors

Ray Delaforce
After leaving school, Ray was indentured as an apprentice working for British Oxygen Company in North London (UK).  He was released one day a week (and attended evening classes) where He pursued an engineering diploma, obtaining an HNC in mechanical engineering.   He then worked for the Ford Motor Company as a draughtsman in the truck division in Dagenham England. In 1965 He immigrated to South Africa where He worked for a pressure vessel inspection and certification company.  He was originally employed as an inspector, but they later also employed him as a vessel engineer.  In 1976, along with partners he formed another vessel inspection company (Avco Inspection CC). After a number of years, He ended up owning the business.  He was by then the chief engineer and QA manager.  In the year 2000 He came to America.  He secured employment as a vessel engineer with two companies; Freeport Welding and Fabricating Inc., and RC Technical in Stafford Texas.  In 2003, He gained employment with COADE Inc., to provide technical support in the PV Elite department. His duties include training in the use of our software both in the United States and abroad. He feels fortunate to have been in the right place at the right time in his life.  He considered himself very privileged to have met and had association with wonderful people all his life.

Scott Mayeux
Scott Mayeux is a mechanical engineer with 25 years of experience in the engineering and software development field. His area of expertise is in integration of ASME and other codes and standards into the PV Elite software. Over the years Scott also garnered experience in Pipe Stress analysis as well as knowledge in other industry standards such as WRC, TEMA, API and many others. At Intergraph, Scott is the director of development for Pressure Vessel and Exchanger solutions (PV Elite, CodeCalc and TANK). For the last 15 years he has also served as an ASME Code committee member on the Sub Group Heat Transfer Equipment (SGHTE).

Theunis du Plessis
Theunis J. du Plessis is a CEO and President of Avco Inspection CC, in Johannesburg, South Africa, a company for inspecting and certification of Pressure Vessels and Tanks. Theunis started life as a structural draughtsman.  He has overseen large construction projects, finally becoming the Managing Director of a large construction company. He later formed his own construction company. He started at Avco Inspection CC in 2000 as second in command, finally in 2002 becoming chief executive. He directs engineering and inspection activities as well as the administrative staff. His knowledge of pressure vessel construction is very extensive.

Ryan Metcalf
Ryan Metcalf is the Sales and Marketing director for Paulin Research Group, a world-class leader in the development of FEA solutions built specifically to address the design and analysis needs of the pressure vessel and piping industries. PRG has developed NozzlePRO™, FEATools™, and FE/Pipe™. Ryan has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Ryan began his career with Setpoint, Inc. in Houston Texas (now part of Aspen Technologies) designing, developing, and implementing custom information systems, process optimizations applications, process visualization, and large data management solutions for the Oil and Gas industries. Ryan then spent a few years designing and buidling custom software solutions for manufacturing automation, specifically in the textiles business, before that industry largely moved overseas.  Ryan then co-founded a private software consulting company, Ellipsys Inc., which focused on advanced software solutions for the Oil and Gas industry from 1996 to 2004, when that company was sold to Mustang Wood Group. Ryan joined Paulin Research Group in 2011 as the marketing and sales director, and is enjoying getting back into the Mechanical Engineering that was the basis of his formal education.

General Instructors Not Part of CAU

Javier Barros
Javier Barros has successfully led the development of 3D plant design using industry leading software such as CADWorx Plant and MicroStation. He is experienced in the design of processing plants for the mineral processing and natural gas industries. His strengths also include proficiency in the effective use of design platforms, practical application of software tools and programming languages. In 2011 and 2012 he was also a winner of first place of the CADWorx Drivers of Success Intergraph competition.

Bryan Bunn
Bryan Bunn, MD Nortech, a rapidly growing engineering, design and project management company, which has the full project life cycle capabilities from concept to completion. Based at Wynyard, it has reported significant increased turnover. The company has taken on 74 new members of staff and are proud recipients of the local, regional and national Business Awards.