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Importing Heat exchanger data in to PV Elite

Complete design of a heat exchanger is a multi-stepped process that includes knowledge of process engineering as well as thermal and mechanical design. Typically, the process and thermal analysis is performed before the mechanical design. The manual transfer of data from a process package to PV Elite is tedious and time consuming. PV Elite now includes the ability to import heat exchanger design information from the HTRI software for Shell and Tube heat exchangers. This information is transferred via an ASCII text file generated by the HTRI software.

After the model is successfully analyzed in the HTRI Xist software then it can exported out in the *.dbo format as shown in figure below:

Export data from HTRI in dbo format

Once the .dbo file is created, start PV Elite and add a shell or a flange element based on the type of the exchanger, click on the tubesheet dialog and from the bottom click on the "HTRI" button to import the data.

Importing HTRI data in to PVElite

If the data is imported successfully a message box should apprear, as shown here:

Message after HTRI import

Please review the imported information and fill-in the remaining information for the mechanical design. Note that the data transfer will automatically correct the units when the data transfer occurs. This will greatly cut down on errors when units are converted manually.


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