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Why Running the
Latest Software is Important

Technical Changes 

The software that CADWorx & Analysis Solutions (CAS) produces performs computations to address the requirements of Government and Society Codes. These codes change frequently--at least once a year. Using the latest versions of our software programs ensures that your calculations comply with the recent changes and additions made to the codes.

Improved Capabilities

In addition to technical changes, CAS constantly makes changes to the software to add more capabilities and user-focused enhancements. These improvements allow you to accomplish more with the software while being more efficient. Many of our enhancements are the direct result of user suggestions. 

Environmental Changes 

Your operating environment is ever-changing. Faster, more powerful computers are always available. Operating systems change every 12 to 18 months. Corporations regularly change and upgrade network systems. These continuous changes mean that your application software must adjust to this shifting environment. Using the latest versions of our software ensures that your software continues to run in your environment, trouble-free.

Application Corrections 

Some people are surprised to learn that commercial software contains errors. It is a known fact that all software contains errors, no matter how well-tested. Software vendors who refuse to acknowledge errors are being less than honest. CAS makes it our policy to correct software errors as soon as possible, and post all hotfixes and patches containing solutions to our users via the Internet.

By using the latest versions of our software programs, you ensure that the software you use has updates to all reported errors from previous versions, and that any newly discovered errors can be patched from the Internet. (Builds only apply to the latest version of the software, and out-of-date versions cannot be corrected.)


Current Versions of CADWorx & Analysis Solutions Products Group 

Product Version Build Number Build Date
CADWorx 2018 (18.00.00) 290917 Sept. 29, 2017
CADWorx Structure 2018 (02.00.00) 021017 Oct. 02, 2017
CADWorx fieldPipe 2016 (16.00.00) 291015 Oct. 29, 2015
PV Fabricator 2015 (15.00.00) 141212  Dec. 12, 2014
GT STRUDL  2018 Dec. 27, 2017
CAESAR II 2018 (10.00.01) 180202 Feb. 02, 2018
PV Elite (incl. CodeCalc) 2018 (20.00.01) 180222  Feb. 22, 2018
TANK 2019 (10.00.00) 181031  Oct. 31, 2018 

Existing users who want to upgrade to the latest software may contact their local reseller at http://www.coade.com/dealer.shtml to arrange an upgrade. Alternatively, users may also request an upgrade by completing the online form at http://www.coade.com/Sales/Upgrades.shtml.