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Release Date:  02/25/2000

Heading:  PVElite Version 3.60 is released. This version includes new ASME A-99 code changes and FVC nozzles.



HOUSTON, February 25, 2000 COADE, Inc. has released PVElite Version 3.60, an enhanced version of its popular Windows (95/98/NT) integrated vessel design and stress analysis software. PVElite Version 3.60 incorporates new ASME (American Society of Mechanical Engineers) A-99 Section VIII code changes which include higher allowable stresses for Division 1. Enhancements include additional FVC nozzles such as types F, V1, V2 and V3; nozzle calculations in ANSI blind flanges; an ANSI flange dimension lookup feature; required flange thickness calculations based on rigidity considerations; a saddle copy feature; and an interface to a third party foundation design program. Other new features compute the maximum hydrotest pressure for overstressed geometries and allow you to manually define MAWP and MAPnc. Also, the material database editor allows you to select existing materials to build new ones. The program's Help is enhanced with on-line documentation in PDF format.

In addition to these new features, PVElite incorporates current pressure vessel codes and standards such as ASME BPV, BS (British Standard) 5500, ASCE #7, Uniform Building Code (UBC), National Building Code (NBC), ANSI B16.5, TEMA and WRC Bulletin 107. PVElite provides engineers, designers, estimators, fabricators and inspectors with complete design of tall towers, horizontal vessels, pots and pans and individual vessel components. The software was designed for quick start up, and its graphical modeling capabilities are easy to use and allow for quick data assembly and vessel analysis. As is the case with all its software products, COADE has tested PVElite using its stringent quality assurance (QA) standards and backs the software with a trained team of software engineers and program developers.


COADE, Inc. is one of the world's leading engineering software companies. Products include CAESAR II, the world's most popular software for pipe stress analysis; PV Elite, pressure vessel design and analysis software; CADWorx/Pipe, a piping design and drafting program with the industry's first intelligent, fully functional, bi-directional link between CAD and analysis; CODECALC software for pressure vessel component analysis and design; and TANK, comprehensive engineering software for analyzing and designing oil storage tanks according to the latest API codes. COADE, CAESAR II, CADWorx/Pipe, PV Elite, CODECALC and TANK are trademarks of the company. Windows (95/98/NT) is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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