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Release Date:  02/21/2003

Heading:  COADE announces ECAD as top VAR for 2002. Read the full press release here.




HOUSTON, February 21, 2003 -- COADE, Inc. announced today that ECAD, Inc. is once again the top VAR (Value Added Reseller) of the company's design and engineering software products, with sales increasing by 44% over the prior year and by over 400% over a three year period. The announcement was made by Tom Van Laan, the president of COADE. ECAD's sales of COADE products are concentrated in COADE's CADWorx series of AutoCAD®-based plant design programs. Headquartered in Midland, Texas, and with six offices throughout Texas and Oklahoma, ECAD is headed by Carole and Gene Eckert, the president and vice president respectively. This is the third sequential year ECAD has been the worldwide leader among COADE's 50+ resellers.

According to Van Laan, the sales growth of ECAD is indicative of COADE's rapidly expanding market share in software for plant design. "Their success is especially gratifying for us considering that ECAD, prior to representing COADE, was the leading reseller of a competitive product from Rebis," he said, "and we believe the industry's shift to our CADWorx series will continue to build momentum with such knowledgeable people as our representatives in the market."

Gene Eckert, the vice president of ECAD explained their perspective. "We see the CADWorx product and COADE's high profile in the Autodesk sphere to be a perfect fit with the rest of our business, and we intend to continue sharing our knowledge with the entire market."


COADE, Inc. is one of the world's leading engineering software companies and is a provider of new generation solutions for computer aided design (CAD) and engineering (CAE). Company products include CAESAR II, the world's most popular pipe stress analysis software; PVElite and CodeCalc, pressure vessel and component design and analysis software programs; CADWorx, an integrated series for piping and plant design & automation; and TANK, comprehensive engineering software for designing and analyzing oil storage tanks according to the latest API codes. COADE, CAESAR II, CADWorx, PVElite, CodeCalc and TANK are registered trademarks or trademarks of COADE, Inc. AutoCAD is a trademark of Autodesk. NavisWorks is a trademark of LightWork Design Ltd.

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