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Release Date:  02/11/2003

Heading:  CodeCalc Ver 6.50 is released.



HOUSTON, February 11, 2003 COADE, Inc. has released CodeCalc Version 6.50, an updated edition of its popular software for design and analysis of pressure vessel and heat exchanger components that incorporates the latest ASME 2002 Addenda, and provides other enhancements.

For faster component analysis, CodeCalc Version 6.50 adds a flange merge capability. To make the analysis of tubesheets faster and easier, the new version integrates the tubesheet with the expansion joint and adds British Standard PD 5500 calculations for u-tube, floating and fixed tubesheets. For greater accuracy when analyzing nozzles, CodeCalc now checks to see if the nozzle is outside the spherical portion of the head and lets you perform area calculations on small nozzles at each nozzle level. Other enhancements include the addition of a British material database in WRC 297, Annex G and the tubesheet modules and Fitness For Service (FFS) API 579, which evaluates local thinning and general metal loss at various levels.

CodeCalc is the leading industry software package for design and analysis of pressure vessel and heat exchanger components. In addition to pressure and wall thickness calculations, CodeCalc evaluates loads from supports and attachments. It includes extensive built-in materials and components databases and the latest standards from ASME, TEMA, PD 5500 and the UBC.


COADE, Inc. is one of the world's leading engineering software companies. Products include CAESAR II, the world's most popular software for pipe stress analysis; PV Elite, pressure vessel design and analysis software; CADWorx/Pipe, a piping design and drafting program with the industry's first intelligent, fully functional, bi-directional link between CAD and analysis; CODECALC software for pressure vessel component analysis and design; and TANK, comprehensive engineering software for analyzing and designing oil storage tanks according to the latest API codes. COADE, CAESAR II, CADWorx/Pipe, PV Elite, CODECALC and TANK are trademarks or registered trademarks of COADE.

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