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Release Date:  02/08/1999

Heading:  TANK Version 2.00 is released. This is the new Windows 95/98/NT version, which includes the Dec 1997 addenda to API-650 and API-653. Many user requested enhancements have also been incorporated.



HOUSTON, February 5, 1999 – COADE, Inc. has released TANK Version 2.00, a new Windows (95/98/NT) version of its popular software program for the design, analysis and evaluation of welded steel oil storage tanks according to the latest API Standards 650 and 653. TANK supports owners, operators and engineering firms for designing new tanks and evaluating existing tanks. TANK Version 2.00 includes updated Addenda for API Standards 650 and 653, a new HTML context-sensitive Help system, on-line documentation and an easy-to-use Windows Ô interface.

TANK incorporates full analysis and design capabilities for wall thickness, materials, supported cone roofs, seismic requirements, service-maintenance considerations, bottom plate thickness, nozzle flexibilities, shell settlement, wind girder requirements and allowed fluid heights. TANK includes extensive built-in materials databases plus databases for structural steel, seismic curves and nozzle curves from current and past API specifications. TANK input screens display descriptive texts and expected units to speed comprehension and model input. TANK input is enhanced with a built-in error checking program. Output is displayed in both tabular and graphic reports.

The software is designed for quick installation and start up. As is the case with all its software products, COADE has tested TANK using its stringent quality assurance (QA) standards and backs the software with a trained team of software engineers and program developers.


COADE, Inc. is one of the world's leading engineering software companies. Products include CAESAR II, the world's most popular software for pipe stress analysis; PV Elite, pressure vessel design and analysis software; CADWorx/Pipe, a piping design and drafting program with the industry's first intelligent, fully functional, bi-directional link between CAD and analysis; CODECALC software for pressure vessel component analysis and design; and TANK, comprehensive engineering software for analyzing and designing oil storage tanks according to the latest API codes. COADE, CAESAR II, CADWorx/Pipe, PV Elite, CODECALC and TANK are trademarks of the company. Windows (95/98/NT) is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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