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Release Date:  03/03/2014

Heading:  Intergraph® releases new CADWorx® E&I V2014 with enhanced features for electrical and instrumentation design


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Intergraph® releases new CADWorx® E&I V2014 with enhanced features for electrical and instrumentation design


HOUSTON, Texas, March 3, 2014 – Intergraph has released the new CADWorx E&I V2014 with new features and enhanced capabilities for the engineering and design of electrical and instrumentation for all plant lifecycle phases. The new release provides a bridge from the CADWorx P&ID application for consistent and efficient electrical detailed engineering.


With CADWorx E&I V2014, the user can now import instruments and electrical load data directly from CADWorx P&ID using a Microsoft Access® database or a connection to an SQL server or Oracle. A new differential view allows the user to check the expected results and, while importing and performing a difference check, CADWorx E&I creates a log file with detailed information for review. The user can assign the data a customer-specific format. CADWorx E&I V2014 has a redesigned function for importing and exporting graphic documents that now supports both the DXF binary and DWG formats in all versions of AutoCAD® 12 and AutoCAD 2013. This release also provides enhanced evaluation of geometric objects, adds new features for automatically creating symbols for blocks and for adopting title block data, and allows the user to define custom attributes for loops and loop elements and other elements.


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