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Hydrotest Pressure
Graphics - Displacements & Forces
Printing Input for Verification
Load Case Options
Output Graphics - Element Viewer

3D (HOOPS) Element Viewer

One of the best features of the DOS versions of CAESAR II was the Element Viewer. This capability allowed sequential review of each element's data, in a graphical view. The data displayed included the node numbers, the displacements, the forces, and the stresses.
A new viewer has been added to the Windows version using the 3D HOOPS engine. This new viewer is shown in the figure below.

This viewer provides a moveable, scrollable window which allows review of all of the system's nodes, and all degrees of freedom The tree structure to the left allows selection of load cases and the type of data to be displayed.
Note that the current element is highlighted in both the viewer window and on the model graphic. Clicking on a different element on the graphic will move the viewer window to the corresponding element. Similarly, clicking on an element in the viewer window will highlight the corresponding element on the model graphic.