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These animated tutorials illustrate various concepts and features found in Intergraph software products. These tutorials are run from within a browser.  Most of these tutorials include sound (voice over), so they are best when viewed on a multi-media machine. Click on the links below to invoke the desired tutorial.

Note:  If you are accessing these tutorials from a dial-up connection, typical load times are several minutes. Sound quality may also degrade with dial-up connections.

Note:   If the videos don't play and suggest acquiring a "codec", visit the "\download\miscellaneous" area of this website to acquire and install the "tscc codec".


3D Graphics Usage
13:47 min.
151 slides
Bend Modeling
5:03 min.
65 slides
Database Export - DSN Setup
2:49 min.
41 slides
Database Export - Configuration
2:51 min.
29 slides
Expansion Loop Modeling
9:41 min.
87 slides
Intergraph Interface Basics
5:03 min.
53 slides
Multiple users sharing a single data directory
0:18 min.
9 slides
Piping Input Spreadsheet Basics
2:18 min.
14 slides
Reducer Modeling
8:34 min.
114 slides
Static Load Case Setup / Modification
19:18 min.
205 slides

Quick Start
5:56 min.
65 slides
Reviewing TANK Output
4:23 min.
41 slides
Sizing Scratchpad
3:36 min.
56 slides

General Tutorials - All Intergraph Analysis and CADWorx Software Products

Configuration Version Warning
3:40 min.
43 slides
Finding a program's Installation Directory
0:36 min.
9 slides
ESL Manipulation
3:22 min.
26 slides
Windows Explorer Basics
3:20 min.
51 slides