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Intergraph® CADWorx Plant Design Suite

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Intergraph® CADWorx ® Plant Professional


Intergraph CADWorx Plant includes the most complete range of tools for efficient plant design. CADWorx Plant is easy to learn and has helped thousands of corporations create revenue-earning deliverables quicker and more accurately.

  • Intelligent 3D Piping Design
  • Specification-driven Design
  • Steel
  • Equipment
  • Ducting/Cable Trays
  • Collision Checking
  • ISOGEN Isometrics
  • Live Database Links
  • Model - P&ID Synchronization
  • Intergraph CADWorx Design Review included
  • Intergraph CADWorx P&ID included
  • Links to Stress Analysis

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Intergraph® CADWorx® Structure


Intergraph CADWorx Structure is a 3D steel structure design package that has the necessary tools and international steel catalogs needed for today's industrial applications. Like CADWorx Plant, CADWorx Structure gives simplicity and efficiency in design providing a reduction of modeling time.

  • Intelligent 3D Structural Design
  • Comprehensive Steel Shape Catalogue
  • Easy-to-Place Assemblies
  • Drawings
  • Bills of Material
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    Intergraph® CADWorx ® P&ID Professional

Intergraph CADWorx P&ID has everything needed for the easy creation of intelligent process diagrams. CADWorx P&ID unlocks the power of P&ID’s by making diagrams, and the information locked within them, available to all stakeholders.

  • Quick and Intuitive P&ID Creation
  • Large, User-modifiable Symbol Library
  • Specification-driven P&ID’s
  • Bi-directional Project Database
  • Component Link to Project Documents
  • P&ID/Model Synchronization
  • Legacy Drawing Conversion
  • P&ID Project Publishing
  • Automatic Instrument Loop Diagrams
  • Instrument Datasheets
  • Equipment Datasheets

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    Intergraph® CADWorx ® fieldPipe™ Professional


Intergraph CADWorx fieldPipe Professional when combined with Intergraph CADWorx Plant Professional, delivers the most powerful plant as-built and spool verification tool on the market.

CADWorx fieldPipe Professional

  • As-built Development While in the Field
  • As-built Development from Laser Point Clouds
  • Links to CADWorx Plant Professional*
  • Onsite Modeling
  • In-shop Spool Verification
  • Creation of As-built Deliverables
  • Leica CloudWorx included 


  • * Requires CADWorx Plant Professional

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    Intergraph® CADWorx ® Design Review

Intergraph CADWorx Design Review allows the review of plant models by designers, managers, owners and other stakeholders. With CADWorx Design Review, everyone shares in the benefits of design collaboration.

Design Review

  • Create Review Models for Access by Intergraph CADWorx Design Review
  • Create Review Models for Access by Intergraph CADWorx Design Viewer
  • Create Review Models for Access by Intergraph FreeView® for Apple® iPad®
  • Design Review
  • Markups and Redlining
  • Realistic Visualizations
  • Small File Sizes
  • Editable Animation
  • Access Intelligent Information
  • Password Protect Review Models
  • Date-limit Review Models

Design Viewer

  • Free Viewer for Review Models Created by intergraph CADWorx Design Create
  • View Animation
  • Access all Intelligent Information
  • View Markups and Annotations

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    Intergraph® CADWorx ® Plant Professional Online Training Course:
This specially designed training program includes dozens of videos and step-by-step instruction workbooks to deliver the knowledge you need to boost your plant and piping design efficiency.

  • Advanced 3D Piping and Plant Modeling Skills
  • Piping, Equipment and Steelwork Modeling
  • Mastering New Piping Specifications
  • Effective XREF Usage
  • Producing 2D Deliverables
  • Bills of Material Production
  • Exporting to Intergraph CAESAR II® for Stress Analysis
  • Exporting to Intergraph PV Elite® for Vessel Analysis
  • Using Pipe Supports in the Piping Model
  • ISOGEN Use and Customization
  • Effective Database Practices
  • And much more...

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Application Areas for All Intergraph CADWorx Products 

Process and Plant Design, Piping, Equipment, Structural, Petrochemical, Chemical, Semiconductor, Power, Offshore, Food, Beverage, Brewing, Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment, Building Services, Shipbuilding and Architectural.