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CADWorx 2D CAU2013 Express Class Preview

How to setup and create P&IDs for downstream success
Just as databases have become part of our everyday lives, it also seems that the promise of intelligent P&IDs has been part of our conversation for at least a generation. Yet to this day intelligent P&IDs seem to mean little more than tagged blocks and the ability to output valve and instrument lists. During this session you will learn how easy it is to setup project databases to create truly intelligent P&IDs. You will discover how this intelligence allows you to run reports, link important project information, and attach design and engineering deliverables to P&ID components, for retrieval throughout the project and plant lifecycles.

Instrumentation and P&IDs: Effective sharing and information reuse 
Control system engineering handles a large amount of data and deliverables. Consistently creating the index, specification, wiring, and documentation are some of the most time-consuming and error-prone tasks. CADWorx E&I delivers unique capabilities to cover the complete control system task and support all phases of the life cycle from within a single environment. Learn how integration with automation vendors helps you engineer and design systems that are exactly tailored to project requirements and deliver cost effective solutions. Also learn how both instrumentation and piping can be linked to provide unprecedented collaboration with downstream benefits.

A data-centric approach to generating quality electrical deliverables 
Electrical design is a critical task in the entire design process but traditionally is performed at the tail end of the project schedule, when all the final electrical data and loads are known. This pots added pressure to get the job done quickly and correctly. Learn how a unique data-centric approach to electrical engineering and design delivers accurate deliverables quickly, efficiently and with the least reinterpretation of data. See how designs associated to your project loads can be created quickly and easily created with high quality and consistency, followed by automatic creation of all the electrical design deliverables.
Tools for publishing and sharing electrical and instrumentation information
Creating electrical and instrumentation deliverables can be a laborious and time consuming process. The challenge is in the multiple information interdependencies that exist in in the E&I process. See how a data-centric approach to the problem of creating accurate deliverables brings real-world benefits to creating deliverables that exactly mirror the components that make up a project, and its many interdependencies. Learn how having an integrated I&E solution makes deliverables creation a simpler task to roll out to the enterprise.


Nico Hoffmann (E&I)
Nico Hoffmann is Senior Application Engineer for CADWorx E&I and for SmartPlant Electrical at Intergraph. Nico joined the
Intergraph group in November 2009, since 2011 he is working in the product management team for SmartPlant Electrical.
Before Nico joined the product management team he was responsible for product presentations, training and dealer and
end-user support for CADWorx E&I. Before he joined Intergraph Nico started his career end of 2004 with CADWorx I&E,
so he has 8 years’ experience teaching designers, engineers, owner operators and EPC firms develop AND implement
best practices to improve their effectiveness.

Anthony Horn - P&ID
Anthony Horn has been active in the Houston engineering community since the late 1960s.  He has degrees in both engineering and architecture, and has done a wide variety of drafting and design projects.In 2007 Anthony Horn wrote, produced, and recorded the Mastering CADWorx Plant Professional video training course.  This course has become the recognized standard for training materials in learning CADWorx software.  The course includes over 150 video recordings and a 350 page workbook.  In 2011 Anthony Horn created the http://www.PipingDesignOnline.com website for online CADWorx training.  The site includes courses that students can take to advance their skills and earn certificates.  The site also can accommodate private training areas for companies that want a customized solution for their in-house CADWorx training needs.

Joseph Faulk - E&I
Joseph Faulk has a long and impressive track record of delivering results through managing the structure, strategy, and execution of technical sales teams. He recently joined Intergraph CAS and will be responsible for managing all aspects of the E&I business, working with internal resources & personnel to execute strategies and tactics, and expanding business into untapped markets.

Werner Theron - Friday, March 22, 2013 - South Africa
Werner Theron is currently the CAD applications manager for Chempute Software, a position he has held since 2008, after he joined Chempute Software, ICAS Global Network Partner, in 2006. He graduated from the Academy of Advanced Design in 1998 as a multi-disciplinary designer before working for a large electronics / telecommunications firm and then later working for consulting engineers and then in the manufacturing industry. He has been using AutoCAD as a design tool since Version 13. His duties include sales, pre-sales demonstrations, technical support and also training and implementation of the CADWorx products. He also won first prize in the 2012 CADWorx & Analysis Solutions Knowledge Base Advisor contest for 30 CADWorx articles.

Venkat Raman - Monday, March 25, 2013 - Dubai
Venkat is the sales Director of ImageGrafix Software FZCO, the Intergraph Global Network Partner for the Middle East. A CADWorx user, enthusiast and trainer since 2003, he has conducted many training programs on CADWorx and has successfully helped many clients in the Middle East to embrace CADWorx as their mainstream plant design software. Trained as a mechanical engineer, Venkat has been an AutoCAD user since version 2.18.