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CADWorx 3D CAU2013 Express Class Preview

Advanced Spec Building Techniques for Better Designs
Leverage the power of the piping Catalog and Specification Editor to save time building project specs. Learn the ins and outs of the catalog structure and how this benefits you in adding new components and modifying existing ones. Gain a full understanding of how to organize multiple catalogs to create the exact content for each and every project. See how you can easily manage complete project specifications from one location and with a simple interface. Walk away with a complete understanding of how to remove the frustrations of managing multiple project specs by including them in a single project file. Learn how branch tables can help you can control the connection selections available to the designer on the project, and how user shapes can be integrated in to your project specifications.  Build powerful piping specifications with ease and accuracy.

Leveraging Point Clouds to Produce Accurate As-Built Models
CADWorx FieldPipe is the most versatile and powerful AutoCAD-based as built creation tool on the market.  This class will show you how to leverage your point cloud data to build intelligent CADWorx models and also how you can also use the same tool to create accurate design models and deliverables directly in the field. Learn how these tools can cut your modeling time by up to 90% and walk away with a clear plan to create as-build models quickly, safely and accurately. Whether you are tasked with a single pipe run in the field or need to develop intelligent output from a complete plant’s point cloud data, this session will give you the intelligent start you need to make the right decisions.

Building Great Plant Models: From P&IDs to ISOs
Great piping designs do not start and end at the 3D model, there is a lot that goes on before and after the model is created that ensures that safe and accurate designs are created quickly and that deliverables are produced with the minimum effort and manual input. The key to this efficiency is the retention and leveraging of data all the way from the P&IDs, to the model and on through to deliverables such as BOM’s, isometrics etc. Learn how, by retaining and reusing information throughout your project’s lifecycle, you can make your projects run at their full potential.

How I-Configure can Help You Create Exactly the Issues You Want
ISOGEN I-Configure is a powerful tool that many are still not familiar with. This session will demonstrate some of hidden power of I-Configure. We will also show you how to transition from Project Manager to this new tool by converting your company's current Project Manager setting files to the I-Configure format. We will also show you how to automatically add custom symbols and detail sketches to your isometrics for the minimizing of rework or editing. Learn how to use component symbol keys (SKEYs) in ISOGEN and the symbol editor to create custom symbols and assign your own SKEY. This allows users to produce isometrics with symbols that accurately represent items placed in the plant model. We will also show how to maintain network security while maximizing user versatility, and how to create and link custom pipe support S-KEY’s in the pipe support palette.


Sonia Delgadillo
Sonia Delgadillo is the senior applications specialist for the CADWorx Plant Design Suite, including CADWorx Plant and P&ID Professional, CADWorx Design Review and CADWorx fieldPipe. Sonia joined the Intergraph CADWorx and Analysis Solutions group in January 2009, and is responsible for product presentations, training and dealer and end-user support. Sonia has gained many years experience teaching designers, engineers, owner operators and EPC firms develop and implement best practices to improve their effectiveness.

Michael Smith
Michael recently joined Intergraph CAS with over 30 years’ experience in the process industries, covering multiple aspects of design, engineering and construction. He has also had experience working within the Autodesk channel. Recently, as director of virtual design and construction at Harder Mechanical Construction, he oversaw the implementation and use of engineering design tools such as CADWorx on a $4 billion US-based semiconductor plant.