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TIPPETT & GEE Success Story Using CADWorx/PIPE and CAESAR II

Tippett & Gee an engineering company based in Abilene, Texas have successfully used the bi-directional capabilities of CADWorx/PIPE and CAESAR II to complete a 10 million dollar piping project for which they had been the design engineering firm.

Tippett & Gee were engineering consultants to the Sweeny Co-generation Limited Partnership. The project was installed on the existing Phillips Petroleum Site at Sweeny, Texas.

Beating out other tenders Tippett & Gee was able to demonstrate that they could complete on time and within budget. This was based on their 40 years of experience and the continued use of tried and tested design software from COADE, Inc..

The project consisted of linking a new co-generation facility with new gas compressor and water treatment facilities to the existing Phillips Petroleum refinery. The interconnection of these facilities comprised approximately 20 different piping systems routed over existing and new pipe racks. The co-generation and water treatment units were at diagonally opposed corners of the 1-mile square site with the existing gas compressor unit in between.

The 34000ft of new pipe was equally divided between 5500ft of new and existing piping racks. The 32-inch steam header line was the largest pipe run on the rack with 30in and 20in branches separately supported.

At the start of the project a team of eight engineers was dispatched to the site. Over the next two weeks they had to identify several alternative points for each tie-in to the existing piping systems and route the 20 different interconnecting pipe systems through the existing plant rack system.

The new pipe work had to be connected to the existing plant with over 30 new tie-ins and an additional 50 tie-ins to the newly installed units.

The installation of the tie-ins had to be undertaken during regular shutdowns. This increased the pressure on making sure that an already tight schedule was closely followed and maintained.

An additional requirement of the tie-in work was to make sure that any items that were added had no adverse impact on existing pipe work. They took the tie-in information gained on site and included it in the CAESAR II stress analysis model. They then determined that the new pipe system, including the tie-in to existing pipe, was to code and that they indeed did not compromise the integrity of the existing pipe work.

The information was transferred back to the Head Office where the analyzed information was transferred in the form of a 3D model from CAESAR II to CADWorx/PIPE.

Another problem that was eloquently solved was that each of the engineers was responsible for a number of piping systems. This meant that the design was divided into systems and not areas. Therefore for each line an X-Ref was created to the new existing and piping, steelwork and electrical systems on the project. This ensured that no system was designed in a vacuum.

CADWorx/PIPE enabled Tippett and Gee to work fully in 3D to modify and reach the final routing. Even though they chose to work in 3D the client deliverables were 2D drawings. One aspect of CADWorx/PIPE that made this easy was that they were able to just window around any piping item and it would be instantly converted to 2D.

The design phase of the project took four months. Throughout this period Tippett & Gee used the following packages to produce their clients deliverables.

CAESAR II Piping stress analysis
CADWorx/PIPE For 405 mechanical and piping drawings including; layouts of new pipe work, layouts, tie-in drawings, fabrication isometrics and bills of material.

In addition to these piping deliverables were a total of 126 civil, steel framing and fabrication drawings, structural analysis plus electrical and instrumentation drawings.

The designed items were to be installed during the regular shutdown periods between December and July. Rework during that period was at a very low level, less then 0.5% for the project!

Another CADWorx/PIPECAESAR II project completed below budget and ahead of schedule.