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Hydrotest Pressure
3D Graphics Configuration
3D Graphics HighLight Options
Special 3D Graphics Features
3D Graphics + LIST

Special 3D Graphics Features

The transparency option is very useful when building or checking models where one pipe is inside another. This situation arises when working with jacketed piping, or piping vessels. It is often necessary to view the geometry inside of an object, for verification purposes. The transparency option enables this ability.

The transparency option can be activated by clicking on the "translucent button" on the toolbar (). Clicking this button transforms all plot objects into transparent components. The degree of transparency can be controled via the configuration options, and the Visibility tab.

An example of a transparent model is shown in the figure below.

3D Graphics + LIST

The LIST facility presents the piping model data in uniform tables, one row per element. These tables (elements, restraints, bends, tees, displacements, etc.) provide an efficient method of data verification and / or modification (such as changing all friction coefficient).

It is also possible to modify the model geometry from the element list, and immediately view the result. This can be achieved by clicking on the graphics button of the LIST toolbar. The active Window is then modified to show both the LIST and the graphics, as shown in the figure below.

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