Success Stories:

Submmited Date:  06/12/2003

Name:  Jerry  Hearn

Positions:  Piping Designer

Heading:  Ref-Chem, USA learns CADWorx and starts piping designs the very same day.


" I was able to learn this package and was piping with it the same day! It offers a much more user friendly interface. You can tell that CADWorx was designed for a piper, by a piper."

"Some of the key features that I like are as listed:

Drawing Modes- 3D Solid, 3D faces, or flat 2D.

`Edit on the fly` specs (REALLY FAST)

Paper space friendly. As a 3D designer, I love this."

"CADWorx makes it easy to edit existing drawings. If you need to move something, you just move it or just add to it. It trims and reconnects, (pipe and fittings), automatically. "

- Jerry Hearn, Piping Designer, Ref-Chem, Odessa, Texas

"CADWorx Pipe has been a pleasure to use from the start. It`s EASY to use. IT WORKS This is a very well thought out package. It will do isometrics, 2D and 3D piping drawings, and has such nice features such as the automatic equipment builder that works flawlessly This package is an absolute delight to use. "

- Brent Leamons, Piping Designer, Ref-Chem, Odessa, Texas

"This system is relatively simple to set up and operate. "

"the simplicity of the CADWorx package makes it ideal for smaller fast-track projects, as well as major is fully compatible with software used by the other disciplines."

- David Lyles, Lead Piping Designer, Ref-Chem, Odessa, Texas

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