Success Stories:

Submmited Date:  06/01/2004

Name:  Presley  Hartman

Positions:  Chief Designer

Heading:  Ultramar Diamond Shamrock creates multiple models and saves thousands of dollars with CADWorx.


The CADWorx PIPE software has been a valuable asset to this facility. COADE has worked to make a tool that is not only easy to use, it completes multiple tasks with just a few keystrokes. Example: After completing a 5 day training session two of our designers came back to the refinery and completed a complex model for a Vacuum Unit project. This project included the creation of Educators and other special pieces of equipment. Without having to buy a special model software we were able to utilize the CADWorx PIPE custom component tool to create unique pieces of equipment in minutes.

Within only months we have created multiple models, automatically generated dozens of isometrics, automatically downloaded pipe stress isometrics and saved the Ultramar Diamond Shamrock thousands of dollars when compared to similar software, (that would have taken a cad administrator to manage).

To say the least we are very pleased.

Presley Hartman
Chief Designer

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