All Success Stories:

SubmitDateFirst NamePositionsDescription
09/01/2010 Thiagarajan CEO at Mech-Tech Projects "CADWorx helped us reduce engineering man-hours by 50% while eliminating the need for independent support modules for pipe support or structural design."
06/02/2010 Arunachalam CEO at Mech-Tech "The links between plant design and analysis solutions saved us time and money."
09/10/2009 Kemal Senior Piping Engineer at Petrolinvest "CADWorx and CAESAR II allowed us to develop faster designs and isometric generation. We developed plant designs in only three months."
07/08/2009 John Senior Mechanical Piping Designer at Wardrop, Tetra Tech Company "CADWorx Plant model improved our communications and played an integral role in developing client's trust in us as a company"
12/18/2008 Tony Chief Piping and Layout Engineer at Bilfinger Berger Services, Australia "I want to use this as an opportunity to express my tremendous satisfaction with the program as it has saved a lot of time and frustration both in the design office and in the field."
12/08/2008 Keith President of PLC "I've been using AutoCAD for 20 years and am very fast but there's no way that I can come close to the speed that even my less experienced designers can achieve with CADWorx."
09/17/2008 Dan Project Engineer at Holland Applied Technologies "We have found that designers who are familiar with AutoCAD can easily pick up and learn CADWorx, becoming highly productive in a short period of time.”
04/08/2008 Clint Senior Designer at Erdman Anthony "CADWorx and CAESAR II allowed us to minimize rework and to pre-order materials ahead of time, reducing the cost of materials due to potential price increases."

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