Success Stories:

Submmited Date:  09/25/2013

Name:  L&T  Vandel Engineering Limited

Positions:  India

Heading:  L&T Valdel enhances project quality and productivity offshore with CAESAR II


L&T Valdel Engineering Limited (L&T Valdel), the engineering arm of Larsen & ToubroLimited, provides comprehensive engineering solutions in the upstream oil and gas sector. With headquarters in Bangalore, India, LTV has completed complex engineeringassignments that ranged from the concept and feed to basic and detail engineering,3D model-based concurrent engineering, procurement engineering and project management,including 38 new offshore platforms and the revamp of 195 more plus 128 pipeline

“The use of CAESAR II resulted in total customer satisfaction, which in turn led to L&T Valdel winning additional projects.”

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