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  New Features and Enhancements in version 2013
Description: CodeCalc has been completely re-written into a modern style application. 

Productivity Enhancements

  • All new updated user interface:
  1. Ribbon Style
  2. All new icons (large or small)
  3. Different color themes
  • Output Processor: 
  1. Report List coloring
  2. Search and Highlight
  3. Select All and Copy All
  • Printing:
  1. Print directly to PDF


  • PV Elite® can now work in multiple languages, including:
  1. English
  2. French
  3. Spanish
  4. Portuguese
  5. Italian

  New Features and Enhancements in version 2012

The updates in CodeCalc (PV Elite's Component Analysis Module) 2012 are:

  • ASME Section VIII Division 1 and Division 2011a new Code updates are incorporated. The updates include: 

    1. ASME part UHX for Shell and Tube heat Exchangers (operating bolt load requirements)
    2. Updated ASME Division 1 Material Database (Tables 1A and 1B).
    3. Updated ASME Division 2 Material Database (Tables 5A and 5B).
    4. Updated Yield Stress database.

  New Features and Enhancements in version 2011

Analysis Features (included with PV Elite):

  • ASME Section VIII Division 1 and Division 2010 new Code updates are incorporated. The updates include changes to:
         1. ASME part UHX for Shell and Tube heat Exchangers
         2. The option of using Appendix 1-10 instead of UG-37 for all sizes of nozzle on cylinders and cones. This option can provide a more economic alternative.
         3. New Appendix 2 Bolt space correction factor is implemented for flanges.
         4. The new UG-45 minimum nozzle thickness table is now used
         5. New minimum thickness requirements for neck of the Manway nozzles were implemented.
         6. Elastic-Plastic calculations for floating Tubesheet Exchangers is implemented. This option can reduce the stress at the tubesheet-shell/channel junction.
         7. Tube to Tubesheet Joint Load requirements to UHX 13

  • Completely new ASME Div. 1 Material Databases (Tables 1A and 1B) have been constructed.
  • Completely new ASME Div. 2 Material Databases (Tables 5A and 5B) have been constructed.
  • The simply supported option for U-tube, fixed and floating tubesheets is now incorporated. This an alternative option to reduce tubesheet-shell/channel junction stress.
  • For heat exchangers designed to ASME UHX, the program automatically checks if it is operating in creep range and uses appropriate SPS allowable and Elastic-plastic option.

  New Features and Enhancements in Version 2010

Analysis Features (included with PV Elite):

  • ASME Code 2009 updates 
  • The Kopp and Sayer method for thick (flanged-flued) expansion joint analysis is now available. 
  • WRC Bulletin 297 now includes comparison of stresses to allowables, based on Div. 2.
  • Fiber elongation calculations for ASME rolled plate nozzles are now included

Productivity Features: 

  • Interactive on-screen result display added for WRC-297 module  
  • Windows 7 compatibility

  New Features and Enhancements in Version 2009

Analysis Features:

  • ASME Code 2008 updates and British code material updates.
  • Inclusion of ASME VIII-1 Appendices 1-10 and 1-9. 
  • MDMT is computed for every weld in the vessel-nozzle junction.

Productivity Features: 

  • Interactive on-screen result desplay added for WRC-107 module and Half-pipe jacket modules. 
  • Enhanced Vista compatibility features

External Interface and Output:

  • Improved ASME VIII-1 U-1 form and added the U-1A form. 
  • Updates and enhancements to the output. 

  New Features and Enhancements in Version 2008:

2008 Features:

  • ASME code updates for 2007 addenda.
  • Added option to add stiffening rings to jacketed vessels.
  • Enhancement to the lifting lug dialog with the sketches showing the input dimensions.
  • Improvement to Blind flange (end cover) maximum working pressure (MAWP) calculation.
  • Updates to the Output program including option to set the report order, custom header and more.
  • A pipe size look up table was added to Half-pipe Jacket module.
  • Longitudinal shear is considered for the local stress check around the Support Lug
  • ASME U-1 Form is provided in MS Excel format.


  New Features and Enhancements in Version 2007:
  • ASME code 2006 updates including those to material properties, Yield Stress Table, UHX, Appendix 2 etc.
  • CodeCalc now computes Tubesheet Shellside and Tubeside MAWP's and MAPnc's by iteration. 
  • The floating head, floating head flange and backing ring MAWP and MAPnc for the internal pressure are computed. 
  • The program determines the MAWP and MAPnc for both the thick (flanged and flued) and thin (bellows) expansion joints. 
  • Flange Ratings from ANSI B16.5 2003 have been added 
  • The option of a hemi-head channel welded to the tubesheet was added for the ASME tubesheet. 
  • The entire PD:5500 databases were reconstructed using material specifications supplied by BSI. The database now contains listings of UTS and yield versus temperature. 
  • Updated and improved Output processor, specially the export to MS Word.
  • For the Lap-joint flanges the minimum required thickness of the "lap" (which sits on the flange) is now calculated.
  • Flange rating is now displayed on the input screen.
  • For fixed tubesheet exchangers, the change in length due to differential thermal expansion is now printed.
  • Added the check for the maximum jacket space in the Appendix-9 jacket analysis in the Shell module.
  • Added schedule 5S to the ANSI Imperial and Metric Databases.
  • Applied the 2006 addenda for the PD5500 code in the TEMA/British Tubesheet module.
  • Added more details and clarifications in various instances in the output.

  New Features and Enhancements in Version 2006:
  • ASME VIII Division 1, 2, and Section II Part D updates. Includes new yield stress database.
  • Other Code changes include those made to Appendix 1-4(f), Appendix 2 (rigidity is now mandatory), Appendix 26 (Expansion Joint Design)
  • New Wind codes have been made available for the Support Lug and Legs. The codes that were added are ASCE 7-2002/95/98 and UBC-1997.
  • New Wind codes have been added in the horizontal vessel module. The codes that were added are ASCE 7-2002/95/98 and UBC-1997.
  • The option of entering the loads in Sustained, Expansion and Occasional categories using the WRC-107 convention system is available now. Once, the loads are categorized they can be combined per ASME Sec. VIII Div. 2 rules and compared with the allowables.
  • In WRC-107 module the loads can be converted from one convention to another with a flip of a button from the input screen.
  • A new auto save feature has been added this version.
  • The variable names used in the input echo and output of the flange and floating head modules were made consistent with the ASME code's nomenclature.
  • The recommendation for the minimum gasket width was added in floating head calculations.

  New Features and Enhancements in Version 2005 (with June build):
  • ASME Ed. 2004 code updates, including UHX tubesheets, thin expansion joints (bellows kind) and the material databases.
  • Appendix 9 Jackets in the Shell/Head module.
  • Added thick expansion joints (flanged and flued type) into ASME UHX tubesheet module.
  • Added analysis of a vessel on 2 support lugs.
  • Added TEMA Metric and British Metric bolt look up tables in flange, basering, tubesheets, floating head and Leg-Lug modules.
  • Added an option to use the full bolt load (W*ab) in the flange design.
  • Added iteration to compute the converged value of MAWP/MAPnc for the Nozzle junction. The nozzle junction MAWP/MAPnc also considers the shell/head and nozzle neck.
  • In the fitness for service (API-579), added the option to specify required thickness. This makes it possible to analyze components that are not per ASME Sec. VIII.
  • Added inputs for the partition gasket thickness and the nubbin width. In earlier versions of the program, the gasket thickness and nubbin width of the main gasket was being used for partition gasket.
  • Some enhancements were made to the tubesheet calculations such as suppressing the Elastic-Plastic calculation and printing out intermediate results for expansion joints.

Enhancements in User Interface and Output:

  • Pressing the F5 key on the keyboard now refreshes the on-screen display of results.
  • Added an option to disable the interactive calculation and display of results on screen.
  • On-screen display of error messages, warnings and important results for the ASME UHX and TEMA tubesheets.
  • Enhancements were made to the user interface for the Flange module including the on-screen display of results.
  • Added the option to merge a TEMA tubesheet in to the ASME tubesheet module.
  • In Annex-G module, added an option to print the membrane stress at nozzle edge.
  • Improved Material database editor for ASME and British code.
  • Added some unit files and modified the MakeUnit program for use in the Far East.
  • Added a Cover page which will be printed along with the Title page in the output reports.
  • Added the option to specify default folder for saving files.
  • Updated Output processor.

  New Features and Enhancements in Version 2004(with October 24th build):
  • ASME A-2003 updates
  • Added ASME Part UHX and some example problems
  • Included evaluation of Pitting flaws per section 6 of API 579
  • Increased the maximum number of data points to 256 in the API-579 module
  • Added new rules for checking large diameter thin heads per Appendix 1-4(f)
  • Enhanced the Tube-Tubesheet joint calculations
  • Improved the handling of full face gasket flange in the Flanges, Floating head and Tubesheet modules
  • Added option to specify alternate flange loads in the Floating head module
  • Added an option to search for a material in the database by the UNS number
  • Added analysis of solid attachment on cylinders and spheres in PD 5500 Annex-G module.
  • Added interactive display of results on Status bar for API-579 in Shell/Head module.
  • Added interactive display of results on Status bar for the Cone module.
  • A flange merge option has been incorporated into the ASME Tubesheet module.
  • Added a quick start guide to the Help menu for new users
  • For a 'Partial analysis', the program also prints the weight, rigidity indexes per the actual flange thickness.
  • Updated and streamlined the Output Processor
  • Sorted out a dll registration issue.

  New Features and Enhancements in Version 6.50 (1/2003) with 8/2003 build :
  • ASME A-2002 updates
  • Integrated Tubesheet and Expansion joint modules
  • Added PD:5500 (British) tubesheet rules for U-tube, floating tube and fixed tubesheets
  • Added Fitness For Service sections from API 579 to evaluate Local Thinning and General Metal Loss Levels 1 and 2.
  • Added Floating and Stationary tubesheet calculations per ASME
  • Added Flange Merge option in the Tubesheet module
  • Added WRC-107 auto-calculation option for support lug
  • Added on-screen reporting of error messages for Shell, Nozzle and Flange modules
  • Improvements in the Nozzle module
  • Added AISC method for design of the baseplate for the legs
  • British material database is now available in WRC 297/Annex G and Tubesheet modules
  • Added an option in the ASME tubesheet program to perform differential pressure design
  • There is now an option to perform multiple load cases for the U-Tube tubesheets in the ASME module
  • Radial bolt/hub dimensions are compared in the flange printouts. Added option to have both a knuckle and a stiffening ring on Cone-Cylinder junction

Enhancements in Graphics and Output:

  • Color Syntax Highlighting to enhance readability
  • In the Shell Module added graphics for API-579 (ffs calcs.)
  • Improved graphics in ASME and TEMA tubesheet modules.
  • Added zoom and pan capabilities to the graphics
  • Enhancements made to the graphics for non-English units
  • The graphics will now print in color (if you have a color printer).
  • Added automatic summary generation, when the complete file is analyzed
  • Updated some help, sample and material database files.

  Summary of CodeCalc Version 5.1 Improvements (7/1992):
  • A91 Updates
  • New file manager, allows copy, delete etc.
  • Tubesheet Program updated to TEMA A-91 addenda
  • Basering and Skirt program added
  • Thin walled Expansion Joint program added
  • Flanged and Flued Expansion joint program added
  • Revised Summary program
  • External Pressure Calcs. in the Nozzle Program
  • AISC unity checks on angle iron sections >

  Summary of new Features and Enhancements in version 6.4 (1/2002) :
  • ASME Div 1 Addenda-2001 update.
  • Added capability to display Shell, Nozzle and Flange results on the Status bar
  • Simplified the nozzle input and analysis for non-radial nozzles.
  • Added Leg baseplate and Tailing Lug analysis.
  • Added Trunnion analysis and automatic WRC analysis on the trunnion
  • Added Split screen graphics in the input view of the program.
  • Added Static Head input for the Nozzle calculations.
  • Improved Online Registration and file saving logic.
  • Added advanced search capabilities to the Material database
  • Added WRC-368 (Stress in Vessel-Nozzle junction due to pressure)
  • Improved the look up into the yield stress database
  • Added Pneumatic hydro test calculation

  Summary of new Features and Enhancements in version 6.3 (1/2001) :
  • ASME 2000 addenda is incorporated.
  • Provision to use the 1999 year material database
  • TEMA and ASME tubesheet programs updated to perform multiple load cases.
  • The flange input now accepts different M and Y factors for the partition Gasket.
  • An interface to Paulin Research Group’s Nozzle Pro, Finite Element Analysis program has been added.
  • Local Stress calculations per BS-5500 Appendix G for Nozzles on Spheres and Cylinders has been added.
  • Option to enter user bolt loads in the tubesheet programs.
  • Simultaneous Corroded and Un-Corroded thick expansion joint calculations.
  • Material UNS number is now displayed in output.
  • UCS-79 Fiber Elongation Calculations are now reported

  Summary of new Features and Enhancements in version 6.2 (1/2000) :
  • ASME A-99 addenda incorporated, including the higher allowable stresses for Div. 1
  • The pre 99 addenda is available as an option (uses the 98 addenda material database)
  • Required flange thickness calculations based on Rigidity considerations
  • TEMA Eighth edition changes are included
  • Code Case 2260 has been added
  • The CodeCalc User interface has been re-written and now has lower memory requirements
  • Thick Walled Cylinder and Sphere equations are implemented per Appendix 1
  • TEMA Minimum Tubesheet thickness is now reported

  Summary of CodeCalc Version 6.10 Improvements (1/1999):
  • ASME 98 Code 98 Addenda added
  • Revisions to the Material database per A-98
  • Yield stress database enhanced
  • ASME Code Case 2290 included
  • Automatic update of material yield stress
  • On-line registration added
  • Default unit setting added
  • Output processor text file output and editing features added
  • Latest ESL device drivers distributed
  • Any known errors to the program have been fixed

  Summary of CodeCalc Version 6.0 Improvements (6/1998):
  • Conversion to Windows 95/NT 4.0
  • ASME Addenda 97 added
  • Revisions to the Material database per A-97
  • Changes to the MDMT calculations per A-97
  • Any known errors to the program have been corrected.

  Summary of CodeCalc Version 5.6 Improvements (6/1997):
  • The new material database in CodeCalc now includes all the ASME Section II Part D materials (over 2000) listed for Sec. VIII Div. 1.
  • Addenda 1996 code updates
  • Updates for Floating Heads, Thick Expansion Joints and ASME Tubesheets.
  • Changes for large nozzle calculations per Code Case-2236 for App-1-7(b).
  • The ASCE-95 wind code has been incorporated into the Leg & Lug and Horizontal Vessel modules.
  • WRC107 Module: ASME Sec VIII Div. 2 stress indices and WRC-107 SIF(kn,kb) values are incorporated. Rectangular reinforcing pad analysis has also been added.
  • Conical Sections: With knuckle and/or flare, the moment of inertia per guidelines in Appendix 1-8 is computed.
  • Nozzle Module: The nozzle retirement (discard) thickness and maximum corrosion allowance are now iterated per reinforced area requirement and UG45, etc.
  • ASME/TEMA Tubesheet Module: The iteration algorithm for the required tubesheet thickness calculation is improved to ensure convergence.
  • Leg & Lug Module: Forces and moments for WRC107 analysis are now displayed.
  • Basering Module: Top ring or plate required thickness is also calculated per Moss.
  • The graphics (scaled and dimensioned plots for every component) have been enhanced.
  • The examples (including typical Code examples) have been expanded.
  • The User Guide (including examples) has been updated to reflect the new changes.
  • Any known errors/omissions have been fixed.

  Summary of CodeCalc Version 5.5 Improvements (6/1996):
  • Addenda 1995 changes have been incorporated:
  • Added the new Appendix 1-7 large nozzle membrane and bending stress check.
  • Nozzle reinforcement related calculations are updated per UG-39 (opening in flat head) and UG-41 (weld loads and strength paths).
  • ASME U-tube tubesheet calculations have been updated per the new Appendix AA.
  • Life cycle computation for thin (bellows) expansion joints are updated.
    New Additions/Enhancements for Calculations:
  • User can input in global coordinates with up to 3 different load cases (SUStained, EXPansion, OCCasional), which are combined appropriately and compared with respective allowables.
  • Discontinuity stresses at Cone-to-Cylinder Junctures is added.
  • Added computation of minimum gasket width and gasket seating MAWP in the flange module.
  • Changes of flanged extensions required thickness for Fixed Tubesheet or Floating Tubesheet are incorporated per TEMA.
  • Added computation of the required flanged extension thickness for U-tube tubesheet.
  • The support lug now incorporates cap type (top plate) and continuous top support rings (girder rings) per Bednar`s Pressure Vessel Design Handbook 2nd Ed.
  • Scaled and dimensioned plots are now available for each component in every module.
  • By pressing P for Plot in the input spreadsheet, a dimensioned drawing according to the input will automatically come up on the screen.
  • Enhancements to the summary.

  Summary of CodeCalc Version 5.4 Improvements (6/1995):
  • Nozzle program now performs internal, external, and hydro test cases simultaneously.
  • Hillside nozzle angles can now be computed by the program. The Code F correction factor for hillside nozzles is now automatically accounted for.
  • MDMT for each pad, shell, and nozzle is now reported.
  • Figure 6A has been added to the Rectangular Vessel program.
  • External calculations for Figures 1A and 2A have been added to the Rectangular Vessel program.
  • The Flange program can now perform a combined analyze/partial calculation.
  • The Shell program has been updated to properly select sizes for shapes other than angles.
  • Material database has been updated according to the 95 Code.
  • Single angle sizes 1 inch through 1.75 inches have been added to the AISC data base.
  • On-screen calculations are now performed from within the input.
  • Graphics are now available from within the input processor for the shell program.

  Summary of CodeCalc Version 5.3 Improvements (7/1994):
  • Winter A-93 Updates
  • Consistent Printout formats for All Modules
  • Expanded Horizontal Printout to show some intermediate Calculations for Saddle Checks
    Revised Shear type allowable for non-pressure parts to use AISC Allowable of .4 * Yield
  • Added use of AISC Occasional Load Factor in Leg&Lug Module
  • Perform Additional Bending and Weld Stress Checks in the Lifting Lug Analysis
  • Wind and Earthquake Loads are automatically generated by Leg&Lug Module
  • Compute trapezoidal area of the weld cut by the limit of reinforcement in the Nozzle Program
  • Ability to set Area 1 or Area 2 to 0 as an input question in the Nozzle Program
  • Ability to turn off UG-45 calcs for manways
  • Modified Flohead program to use F even when P is 0.0 as a setup option
  • Consideration of the Stiffening Ring Material being different from the Shell material in Shell
  • Included the Option of Considering Liquid Hydrostatic Head Component in Shell
  • The Shell program can now choose a structural shape to satisfy external pressure requirements
  • Choice of Normalized material in Shell and Nozzle as an input option
  • Added Weld shear flow calculations in the Shell Program
  • Updated the Curves of K vs. D in the Halfpipe Jacket program
  • Reduced the Length/Format of External Pressure Printout for all modules as a setup file option.
  • Updated the material database to A-93 and added UNS numbers
  • Ability to use ASME names in the input module
  • Made variable assignments closer to Code B31.3 convention in Pipe&Pad Module
  • Put Appendix S flange rigidity Calculations into the Flange program
  • Perform bolt circle/weld leg interference checks in the Flange Program
  • Added some stainless steel pipe specs to the material database
  • Install program updated to log network drives
  • Updated file manager to log network drives
  • Network support has been implemented
  • A Program which displays unrecoverable fatal errors has been implemented
  • An entirely new scrolling input program has been implemented
  • The material database access was completely reworked
  • A complete new module to perform Rectangular Vessel Analysis per App. 14 has been added
  • Added Calculations for minimum weld sizes for welded tubes in heat exchangers per UW-20.
  • A popup calculator has been added

  Summary of CodeCalc Version 5.2 Improvements (7/1993):
  • A-92 Code Updates, material list updated
  • ASME Appendix AA-Tubesheet Program
  • ASME Appendix EE-Halfpipe Jacket Program
  • ASME Appendix 14 Large Opening Analysis
  • Saddle Design added to HORIZVES Program
  • WRC107 program modified for user control
  • CTRL KO and CTRL KB options added to input
  • Flange program modified for special use of CA.

  Summary of CodeCalc Version 5.0 Improvements (6/1991):
  • Support for Metric and User Defined Units
  • Faster Execution
  • Improved On Line Help
  • Error Checking During Input and Before Execution
  • Use of DOS Environment
  • User Control of Databases and Screen Attributes
  • Vessel Summary File
  • Multiple Analysis in One Run
  • Hardware Verification Program
  • Improved Vessel Integration
  • Interactive Review of Output

  Summary of CodeCalc Version 4.5 Improvements (7/1990):
  • A89 Updates
  • Addition of Leg and Lug Module

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