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PRG (Paulin Research Group) FEATools™

  • Incorporate FEA results into CAESAR II model in an automated process.
  • Improve WRC 107/297 calculations for loads on nozzles and attachments.
  • Use more accurate SIFs and k factors.
  • Enable FEA analysis of contoured tees.
  • Support FEA analysis of bends and tees with or without dummy-leg supports. 
  • Compare SIFs and k factors between piping codes and FEA calculations.
  • Calculate SIFs and k factors for standard geometries.
  • Create tabular and graphical result reports.

Technical Specs

Click here for a complete list of software requirements and operating system compatibility for FEATools software.

Application Areas

Process and Plant Design, Piping, Equipment, Steelwork, Petrochemical, Chemical, Power, Offshore, Food, Beverage, Brewing, Pharmaceutical, Water Treatment, Building Services, Shipbuilding and Architectural