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GT STRUDL Steel Design Course

This course is for those engineers who have taken the Basic Features and Static Analysis course, or through experience, are competent in basic GT STRUDL capabilities.  The topics to be covered include:
  • Specialized GT STRUDL capabilities are presented that allow an engineer to perform steel member design and code checking pursuant to a variety of steel design code specifications and practical and architectural constraints.
  • Detailed descriptions of GT STRUDL steel design and code checking procedures for design codes of interest.
  • Descriptions of creating user specified tables of steel shapes.
  • A comprehensive methodology for the nonlinear geometric analysis (AISC's Direct Analysis Method) and design of steel building structures and its consequences on engineering cost and workflow will be presented.
  • An example of stability analysis by the Direct Analysis Method and LRFD design of an industrial steel building structure pursuant to the 14th Edition AISC Manual, 2010 Specification will be presented.
  • The workshop each day is used to perform steel member design of steel frame structures. 
Note: Attendees should bring their laptops and have administrative priviledge. GT STRUDL will be loaded on the laptop at the start of the course and security keys will be provided for the duration of the course. The instructor will retrieve the security keys from students upon conclusion of the course.

May 2 - 3, 2019 - Norcross, GA
November 7 - 8, 2019 - Norcross, GA 

Contact Information:

Toll Free:         1 800.766.7701 (option 2 for training)
Email:             gtstrudl@intergraph.com or ppmcrm@intergraph.com